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NYC's Turrbotax Crew Makes Big Return to Boston's Make it New, Shares Secret Dancefloor Weapons

Article by Matt Farina | Editing by Nick Minieri 

If you’ve been to the Middlesex on a Thursday night, you know the scene: breakdancers sparring on the worn wood floors, music junkies amassed in a sweaty mob, and heads huddled around the DJ booth confusing other patrons over whether they’re trainspotting or waiting in line to use the adjacent bathrooms. Along with these regulars, every Thursday at Make it New the Middlesex stays permeated with deep, no nonsense beats (and no ego either). It’s been a winning combination for the weekly event, now well within its eighth year of operation. So the Turrbotax® crew, who have coined the penultimate dance night disclaimer of “No Party Photography / No MCs / No Crying / No Cellphone Reception / No asking about set times”, naturally fit right in when they returned to Boston to play the weekly on January 24th, 2013.

Those of you starting to get that creeping feeling of the IRS breathing down your neck, fear not: Turrbotax, yes that’s two r’s, is a NYC collective responsible for hosting many respected names in underground dance and bass music: Kode 9, Untold, Rashad, and Oneman being highlights amongst an array of others. Two of their five residents, C-Sick and Space Jam, braved the bone-chilling winter weather to join MiN residents Baltimoroder and Coralcola in a long-overdue collaboration. And hopefully it’s the first of many, considering how compatible Turrbotax and Make it New seem to be.

Baltimoroder set the tone with a healthy dose of classics mixed in with new jams; Todd Edwards and Funky Green Dogs were stacked side-by-side with the latest from Breach & Jon Convex. Coralcola took over as more people came out of the cold and filled out the floor, keeping things moving while the guest DJs chatted with their Boston counterparts.

Space Jam stepped in next with a personal favorite of mine: Sagat’s highly entertaining commentary on all things prosaic, “Fuk Dat”. It brought smiles from the few of us actually old enough to remember its full rotation on the radio and MTV back in 1994, but everyone regardless of age showed love via dancing. She continued on with a healthy balance of vintage and newer house, blending the two seamlessly despite a two-decade musical span. C-Sick took the helm last and closed out the night with a wide variety of styles, including the odd house or garage throwback for the dedicated assembly still standing as the lights came on. Few people left the Middlesex until the final shuffles of 2-step came to a halt.

Between their Boston trip and hosting Space Dimension Controller back in NYC the next night, C-Sick and Space Jam were kind enough to share some tracks they’ve been feeling lately:

C-Sick’s Picks:

1. Storm Queen: Look Right Through (MK Morning Vocal Mix) “Great song; great remix by MK, great track for early in the night.” -C-Sick

2. Last Magpie: Pilau Rice “I’m a sucker for that vocal loop and bass on this one.” -C-Sick

3. Artfu & Jerry the Cat: Nuclear Funk (A Made Up Sound Remix) “This one is good for a little later in the night, once folks are nice and warmed up.” -C-Sick

4. Aux 88: Direct Drive “For me, its always gonna head back to this stuff. This 90s Detroit electro/techno stuff was where i got started and it always sneaks its way in.” -C-Sick

Space Jam’s Picks:

1. Maxmillion Dunbar: Woo “An early evening banger!” -Space Jam

2. Mood II Swing: All Night Long “For the lovers!” -Space Jam

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox: Power “Peak time business!” -Space Jam

4. DJ Slugo: Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too? “Well wouldn’t you?”

Space JamMake It New brings Jacques Greene to Boston this Thursday, 2/7, while Turrbotax hosts Gerry Read in NYC February 22nd

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