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July 2011 Site Update: Apologies For Lack of New Content

As you guys have probably noticed, there has basically been zero content added here over the past two weeks. We have two significant new business pitches happening at my work right now and I’ve been hustling around the clock. Free time has been non-existent, and next week I’ll be down in the cape on a (much needed) vacation, so there won’t be much from me then either. I do plan on getting the pics I took over the weekend from Dancing on the Block and the Tight Crew Space Jam up here before I head down there Friday though.

Although I don’t discuss this often, I am starting to become desperate for guest writers on here. I have PLENTY of content to write about myself, don’t get me wrong. But with work and other comittments which seem to increase by the day, having another voice on here to keep the content stream a little more steady would be huge. If you’re interested in penning anything relating to electronic music or fashion/art, do not hesitate to get in touch. nminieri@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your support and patience as always -Nick

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