Backyard: Micetro Steps Up His Songwriting Game With "Same Mistakes"
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 1:30AM

In merely a short span of four months, I have witnessed Boston producer Micetro break from his bedroom to the big rooms around town. The trap-infused stylings presented on his well-received “Basic Instincts” EP from this past May prove you no longer need a mile-long track record in the scene to make a sudden impact.

While that three-track foray illustrated Micetro’s ability to pen a groove with a contemporary twist, his most recent track “Same Mistakes” goes even further to show his songwriting isn’t half-bad either. What we’re dealing with here is a graceful vocal serenade, provided by Data Child, that is a ballad ensconced in just enough 808’s and stutter edits to give it the pop without the pedestrian. It’s a perfect track to end a set with, and not only is it free, but Micetro even provides an instrumental version as well. Good stuff.

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