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The Sessions Are Subliminal. Tomorrow, 10.7.09, at the E-Room.

So after months and months of special guests filling the hole in the hearts of the subliminal dudes left by the absence of the hometown homeboy, professor pious… the mighty professor returns!

This should only add to the momentum the subliminal dudes have been building in recent weeks, with the launch of projects like Links Soundclash, Boston’s local producer showcase; and LOSTINBASS.com, a site focused on bringing new sounds to the city and bringing the bass scene together… not to mention Stickem’s (for now) top secret collaborations that should make waves. (run-on sentences are awesome, amirite?)

Need I mention dabu and dsub’s fiery opening sets at Bassic opening for Mochipet? No, probably not. You were there anyways, right? No? Oh, bummer. I know you needed to hear that Juan Mclean tune for the 7th time that week.

So, slightly less wordy summary:

dabu.dsub.professorpious.stickem bring you the best in under the radar hiphop.glitchhop.wonky.skwee.dubstep and original productions, ‘natch.

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Subliminal Sessions: Cacheflowe and residents, Enormous Room, 7.29.09

We're goddamn beyond excited to have our first out of town guest on Wednesday July 29th - Ca¢heflowe!!!

Mashing up idm, hip hop, funk, drum and bass, trip hop, experimental, jazz, techno, and dubstep, CacheFlowe creates genre-skewing electronic music that has received much acclaim from local and international press. Producing with a computer since 1996, he's honed an original style that's defined by stuttery, complex breakbeats, deep analog basslines, techno-flavored synths, organic instrumentation and contorted samples. Working on the same laptop performance since early 2004, CacheFlowe's live show is a fast-paced smorgasbord of chopped breakbeats and analog synths on 8 channels of audio. He bobs and weaves through an array of electronic genres and tempos, using nothing but sounds and loops from his own productions. Appearing on official record label releases alongside the likes of Twine, Ladytron, Daedelus, Ulrich Schnauss, Starkey, Machinedrum, ISAN, Submerged, Fog, and sharing the stage with Amon Tobin, edIT, Machinedrum, Dizzee Rascal, Mochipet, Jeff Parker (Tortoise), DJ Olive (MMW, Sonic Youth), Nels Cline (Wilco), Filastine, Nick Argon, pH10, and countless local talents, CacheFlowe continues to freak the beat in new and exciting ways.

Check out Ca¢heflowe's most recent EP: Cache, Stacks and Queues -


also, here's a promo mix for the release:



Hometown homeboys dsub, professor pious, stickem and dabu will be on hand as always.

Here's a 90 minute live mix as performed by dsub at die young + dev/null's birthday shindig



This is a 21+ Event and is FREEEEEEEE


Subliminal Sessions tonight 6.30- DJ Whatever & Residents, Enormous Room

Come celebrate the first six months of Subliminal Sessions as ourbrother in arms, DJ WHATEVER aka Alex from BlueBoy Productions comes by for a solo DJ Set.

Blue Boy Productions aka BBP is Alex Russo and Chris Narainen. They have been building a following on both sides of the river at a rapid pace throughout 2009 with off the cuff (and off the chain!) performances at Beat Research, upstairs at the Middle Eastwith BioDiesel, at that "undisclosed location" in Allston and with the SubRoots collective. An 'average' performance will see BBP shift from trance to drum and bass to dubstep over the course of a few short bars.

Alex's solo DJ sets fit in perfectly with the Subliminal concept: effortless tempo and genre jumping, playing to the crowd in front of him without pandering, with a firm grip on 'cool'.

Also of note... BBP will be bringing 'sound reinforcement' to ensure you shake your ass.

A BBP mix for your ears: April '09 Mix 

Tonight at Enormous Room!


Subliminal Sessions @ Enormous Room, tonight!

A little late on this one, but if you're in the cambridge area tonight check out Subliminal Sessions. Hosted by Professor Pious, dSub, Dabu & Stickem, they dish out a nice concoction of experimental and hip hop music with a nice dubstep reduction sauce (sorry that was the worst metaphor ever written haha). Kat Fyte runs with the Pop Influence crew and they have a nice blog online where you can check out some of their work, check out the Bass Kitten mix here! Tonight at the Enormous Room.


Just Bass and Subliminal Sessions- this week

Just a heads up, if you're looking for something to do this week, come check out Subliminal Sessions tomorrow at Enormous room and Just Bass at Goodlife on thursday! Professor Pious, Dabu and D-Sub on deck for tuesday, and Mike Savant and Professor Pious on deck thursday. In regard to music selection, expect the unexpected from these cats. They play it all!


Subliminal Sessions @ Enormous Room: Stickem, 3.31.09

Subliminal Sessions returns to the Enormous Room next tuesday for their monthly session! This time at the helm is Stickem. Although I am not extremely familiar with his work he is a local glitch hop producer who just released a track (Double Dog Dare) on Titched recordings. Check it out on digital tunes, the original, along with 5 remixes are available for download there. 

Professor Pious, Dabu, and Dsub on opening duties!

More info at Subliminalsessions.net and the Enormous Room website.


Just Bass @ Enormous Room, B.Rich & Jubilee, 3.5.09

Jubilee (grab her Bad Decisions mix HERE)
Michael Savant (grab his Haterz With Lasers mix HERE)
Professor Pious 


Subliminal Sessions @ Enormous Room: Die Young, 3.3.09

4 of Boston's best DJ's on the wheels next tuesday at the Enormous Room!

Die Young
Professor Pious

More info at www.subliminalsessions.net 

PS: Check out Die Young's "Live At The Beehive" set HERE!

1. Ashtech - Individuality
2. Junior Boys - Parallel Lines
3. Boards of Canada - Macquarie Ridge
4. Susumu Yokota - Long Long Silk Bridge
5. Nightmares on Wax - 195lbs
6. Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
7. Onra - Dreams
8. Distance - Delight
9. DJ Cam - He's Gone ft. China
10. Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - You'll Stay in My Heart
11. Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
12. Massive Attack - Teardrop (Mad Professor Remix)
13. James Brown - Funky Drummer
14. A-ko - Soul '69 (Part II)
15. Chic - Why
16. Tears for Fears - Head Over Heals
17. Erik Wollo - Expedition 
18. Daft Punk - Something About Us
19. Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole Remix)


Courtesy of the Subliminal Sessions site, Dabu Dsub and Professorpious have posted 3 mini-mixes for free download as well!

Dabu March 09 Mix
Dsub March 09 Mix
Professorpious March 09 Mix