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Beat Box: Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-5 Drum and Percussion Sample Downloads

Last August I fired up my trusty old Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-5 and shared with you guys some of my favorite samples from this budget beat sequencer. (You can find that post here). As you may know, the DR-5 is a bit limited in the sense that it only enables you to work with the samples provided (i.e. it is not a synth and you can’t import your own sounds into it). Plus, the guitar and piano sounds sound sort of un-natural on this thing, to say the least. However, back in the mid 1990s when even the most expensive of computers had trouble handling audio and VST’s weren’t even invented yet, the DR-5 was a good tool to lay down ideas on. Especially for rock musicians who played guitar, with its fretboard-styled layout of the notes on the 6x6 grid.

I’m sharing with you some of the pre-sequenced beats and loops that the DR-5 came bundled with. Utilizing many of the different drumkits (with focus on the electronic-oriented ones), you can work with these AIFF files to extract or re-edit your own breaks if you want. There is a Soundcloud embed below, and below are links to the loops, as well as about 20 one-shot sounds. SoundStudio markers are added to the AIFF’s to hopefully make them easier to utilize.

BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-5 Percussion Loops and One-Shots by beantownboogiedown

Soon I plan on running these breaks through the Akai 950 as well. I also have some sampled pads I will be sharing. Following this, I’ll be selling the DR-5 and swapping it for some more vintage lo-fi drum machines to sample and share with the masses.

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-5 Drum and Percussion Samples :: Loops (AIFF, 21mb)
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-5 Drum and Percussion Samples :: One-shots (AIFF, 28mb) 

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