Featured Mixes: 3-pack! Professor Pious, Steppo, and dj Bruno

Featured Mixes: 3-pack! Professor Pious, Steppo, and dj Bruno

admin 03/19/2020

Figured I’d take the three mixes I’ve been rinsing and repeating over the past couple of weeks and roll em into one post. We have here three very different mixes: one loaded with the house, electro, glitch, and hip hop, one dubstep, and one minimal techno and deep house.

First up is Professor Pious, who serves us a fair dose of pretty much everything- house, dubstep, glitch, hip hop, mash-ups all the way through, you name it. While listening to this I’m constantly trying to guess what’s coming next and the unpredictability of it keeps me interested. These tracks are full of wobbly basslines, high-pitched lo-fi synths, and chopped-up vocal hooks. This will be a great mix for driving around with the top down on the ride this summer!

Professor Pious: April ’09 mix
Boksd – Subeena
Parisian Goldfish – Flying Lotus
Whelmed – Vibesquad
Ghetto Barbie (LUX Noise Remix) – Tramp Towers
Don’t Stop – De Novo Creation
Bucky Done Gun (Death to the Throne remix) – M.I.A.
Gifted – N.A.S.A. feat Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li
Float My Boat (This is Kokuz ReChop) – Lazy Jay
Wonkball – Spoonbill
Aerodynamic (DJ Dstar Remix) – Daft Punk
Sublow Spazm – Marc Adamo
Chi Don’t Dance (Willy Joy Remix) – BBU
Eurovision (Mowgli Remix) – Zombie Disco Squad
Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare – Kid 606
Split Woods Part 3 – LayerZ
Throbbin The Cradle – Eprom
Move – Zinc
Boss Dub Pet – Mochipet
Broken (dub) – Citrus
Are You That Somebody (Spectre Rmx) – Aaliyah
Delivery feat. Souleye 1 – Mimosa
This Kills – Nasty Nasty
Heart Phire (Bearmod Rmx.) – Th’ Mole
Tribal Skank – Fr3e

Next up is Steppo with his March ’09 dubstep mix. Now don’t let this one fool you; it starts out really mellow with the well-known Fat Freddy’s Drop tune, then instantly transforms into pure dancefloor business via the wobble basslines! This is a no-nonsense mix and many of the tunes are just infectious…there’s a ton of vocal songs in here to keep everyone interested, and the last 4 or 5 songs return to the deep soundscapes we were introduced to to with fake Rolex watches. In the rave scene around New England, it can be very tough to break an unfamiliar type of music to the masses; however in this case Steppo has done just that, hence the packed dancefloors for his dubstep sets.

Steppo: March ’09 Studio Mix
cay’s crays (digital mystikz remix) – fat freddy’s drop
in the death car vocal version – 16bit
malicious tactics – bar9
hash n hydro – concious pilot
warface – jakes
we ball harder – b. rich
pressure – starkey
neva argue – virus syndicate
attenshun – kromestar
antisocial (b, rich remix) – raffertie
steppin worldwide – cardopusher
control (skreamix) 12th planet + emu
wildstyle – dz
crispy rolls – enei
the drop – unitz
masters voice – matt-u
examination of time – babylon system + noah d
what you know (emalkay remix) – two fingers feat. sway
traumatic times – ld
all i have is memories – martyn
losing marbles (2562 remix) – trg + selector dub u
onsen – reso

Finally, we have a mix by someone who is no stranger in Boston’s community: veteran house DJ Bruno. Bruno has been playing out for over 20 YEARS now. He is the man behind Utopia’s long-running house night in Quincy Market, he’s been received numerous accolades over the years including the “Best of Boston” award for DJing, and has pretty much played in any venue in Boston that has two record players with pitch control sliders installed. What I like about his most recent mix is that he just plays what he likes- Bruno isn’t someone who jumps on whatever sounds are currently popular and isn’t someone who will hop on a bandwagon and run with it. Maybe that’s what has allowed him to stand the test of time as a DJ for so many years!

Because this is a mix that is part of SoulClap’s podcast series, please download it directly through their site, which I will post a link for below. Trust me it’s a good mix, the extra mouse click is worth the effort!

Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast 49: DJ Bruno is 2 Dark 4 U

  1. Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live
  2. PQM – You Are Sleeping
  3. Thomas Melchior – Father
  4. Mauritzio – #5
  5. Selan – Gravity
  6. Jerome Sydenham – Timbuktu
  7. Africanism – Les Enfant Du Bled
  8. Manoo – Roots Ep
  9. Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Night @ The Black
  10. Milton Cardona – Ebioso
  11. Master Kev – Twisted
  12. Ame – Rej
  13. Aril Brikha – Groove La Chord