Cool Free Stuff: Zhu-Faded (Delta Heavy Remix) (Drum & Bass)

Anyone who uses Soundcloud knows full well how many poor-quality Zhu bootlegs have been chewed up and spit out on there over the past year. While “Faded” has rivaled “Latch” by Disclosure in terms of bunk illicit remixes, it’s safe to say Delta Heavy’s version isn’t one of them. The drum and bass duo have applied their smooth-yet-saturated sound to the formula, leaving Zhu’s vocals essentially untouched aside from dialing up the tempo. It’s a straightforward remix that gets its point across without any flashy fills or other studio trickery. Get it here.


Cool Free Stuff: Utah?-Velocity (Bass)

Utah? is an emerging producer from the UK who has the knack for applying good garage basslines to a variety of musical contexts. While many of his tracks rhythmically traverse a bumpy 4x4 road, “Velocity” (a free download courtesy of the Symbols label) showcases a grimier and more sparse side of his palette. Laconic drums allow the synths to showcase a great deal of character. And while the bass stays on its best behavior during the first half, it reveals its true character in the upper harmonics during the back side. Grab it below; Symbols will be releasing an EP from Utah? later in the year.



Cool Free Stuff: Silky & Navid Izadi-When You're Gone (House)

Frankie Knuckles might be gone, but his spirit lives on through everything from parties to tribute songs bearing the pioneer’s namesake. One of the most recent of the latter is a free download by Silky and Navid Izadi titled “When You’re Gone”. Proving Knuckles’ ability to stay hip to upcoming talent even 40 years into his DJ career, he name-checked Silky as someone to watch right before he passed. Navid Izadi, best known for his collabs with Pillow Talk, Soul Clap and Wolf & Lamb is the co-piolt here and also laid down the vocals. It’s soulful, yet cutting-edge…just the way Knuckles would’ve liked it. Check it.


Cool Free Stuff: Alt OK-Don't Stop (Bass)

One of Boston’s recent additions to the rapidly-evolving pool of bass-centric producers is Alt-OK. Known for his knack of chopping the hell out of vocal samples and making them the key rhythmic elements to his well-textured songs, Alt-OK does just that on his most recent release “Don’t Stop”. A faster-tempo arrangement that brings elements of trap, juke and UK garage to the table, Don’t Stop’s signature is its well-layered use of the Gorillaz vocal from “Feel Good Inc”. With melodic perfect fifth pads running underneath to calm things, this one’s worth checking out. 


Cool Free Stuff: Durkin-Busy Child (Dream Club/Bass)

New zouk jam penned on the fly from Boston’s own Durkin. “Busy Child” borrows choice lyrics from Vell’s “Childish” set to the tone of dreamy keyboards and hard-hitting percussion. It tops out around 100 bpm, making it useful within Latin American-themed sets. Quite impressive how fast he pulled this one together as well!


Ticket Giveaway! Shake Presents L-Vis 1990 & Helix @ Goodlife, 4.3.15

Shake! is back with another installment at Goodlife tomorrow night. Dipping further into the roster of Night Slugs, a seminal UK imprint, they’re bringing Helix and label co-founder L-Vis 1990 into the spotlight this time around.  

One of the first labels to adopt the “anything goes” mantra when it came to fusing house, garage, dancehall, jungle, and the dreaded d-word (that rhymes with pub-step), Night Slugs has enjoyed a loyal following both in the states as well as their motherland over the past 6 years. Recent releases on Night Slugs are crafted exclusively towards DJ’s and dancefloors; melodies, vocals, and overly-expressive breakdowns take a back seat to rhythms and overall groove.  

Helix has adopted this mantra full-stop, as evidenced in “Drum Track” as well as his Club Constructions EP from 2013. He even took the time to record an exclusive half-hour mix this past week to help promote tomorrow’s show with, which you can check below.


And if you’re reading this you probably know all about L-Vis’s jacking soundscapes. Drums also reign supreme on all of his work, all of which are heavily influenced by the affordable side of the vintage 80s drum machine spectrum as crafted by Yamaha, Boss, and Casio. While everyone else is still using 808s ad infinitum, you can check L-Vis just doing his own thing, specifically on custom edits he’s made of tracks by the likes of Front 242, Steps Ahead, Wiz Khalifa, and perhaps his most notorious one…”Icy Lake” by Dat Oven.


Pete Dev/Null opens things up, so you obviously know what you need to do now: get there as early as possible. 

Contest: As per usual, I’m giving away a free pair of tix to this. “Like” Beantown Boogiedown and Shake on Facebook, leave your name/email in comments section below, and I draw the winner at 6pm tomorrow. Good luck!

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Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For April 2015

Note: I apologize for not doing a March calendar. I’ve been a bit slack with the blog lately, and am hoping to get back on track with things on here this month. -Nick

Upcoming Events 

Shpongle @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.2.15
Psymbionic (Supersillyus & Caelis) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 4.2.15
Digitalism @ Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.2.15
Elements (Concord Dawn) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.2.15
Oh Snap! 90s Dance Party (King Swift) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.2.15
Project Mixx (J Zamora & Koskos) @ Brass Union :: Somerville MA :: 4.2.15
Make it New (Kevin Saunderson) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.2.15
Delirium (Bermanji, Ryan Benwa, Addiktive Beats Crew, John McMahon & Steve Miller) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 4.2.15
Freshhh @ O Sushi :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
Dennis Ferrer @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
Steve Angello @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
DJ Enferno @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.3.15
First Fridays Footloose @ ICA :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
Frank White @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.3.15
Dark City Agent @ Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.3.15
Shake! (L-VIS 1990, Helix & Dev/Null) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
Sampling and Sound Design Workshop @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 4.3.15 (7pm)
Lookas, Torro Torro, Snails, Kennedy Jones, Antiserum & Brillz @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
Dusk Till Done (Gary Carlow, Sudo, Ryan Royce & Daniel Santos) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.3.15
Volume Takeover (Jeff LeClair, Jack McDevitt, Mike Hoska, Jackie Treehorn, Breakadawn & Snafu) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.3.15
TrollPhace @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.4.15
DJ Savuth Birthday Bash :: The Lab :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
Bladerunners @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.4.15
Controversy (Jay Boogie) @ Controversy :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
Love Bunny, Braun Dapper & Brek.One @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
Drown (Ben Soundscape & Dig Doug) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
Triple Platinum (Evaredy, Frank White & Durkin) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
BHMM Day Party (Groove & Soul & Project Mixx Residents) @ SOciety on High :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
Soulelujah Soul Party (DJ/MC Oxygen, Claude Money & Ty Jesso) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.4.15
Elastic (Matt Mcneill, Alfredo, Andrew Gallagher & Oscar Huang) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 4.4.15
Rise Afterhours (Mike Swells, Randy Deshaies, Ryan Obermiller & Patrick Barry) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.4.15
H.O.M.E. (DJ Safire) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.5.15
Vibe Street (Brightside, Light Blue Lab & Alpha-Cortex) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.5.15
Nosaj Thing & Clark @ Brighton Music Hall :: 4.6.15
Future Vibes (Chas Bronz, Cost Carma, Salvatore LoGrasso & Lavdat) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.6.15
Vinyl Social @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.8.15
Rubblebucket @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 4.8.15
Wednesday’s Wax (Dan Fernandez & Lindale) @ Foundation Room :: Boston MA :: 4.8.15
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Greg Davis Exhibit @ Metropolitan Waterworks Museum :: Boston MA :: 4.8.15
Elements (ILP) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.15
Oh Snap! 90s Dance Party (ABD) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.15
Make it New (Tiger & Woods) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.15
Downlink, Dieselboy, KJ Sawka & Squnto @ Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.15
Atomic (Snails) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.10.15
Kryder & Tom Staar @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.10.15
Soul Clap @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.10.15
Turkuaz, Spiritual Rez & Viva La Hop @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 4.10.15
PVRPLE (Knife, Texas Mike & Amadeezy) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.10.15
Binary (Swaggle Rock, Stoop Kids & B-No) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.10.15
Studio XO (Mercedes, Chuck Who & Nick de Paris) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.10.15
Acoustica Electronica (The Wig & Audioprophecy) @ Oberon :: Cambridge MA :: 4.10.15
Rise Afterhours (Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, Chas Bronz, D-Lux & The Wig) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.10.15
NRG & Ruki Vverk @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.11.15
DJ Escape & Ryan Ruel @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.11.15
BOSQ @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.11.15
Deeper Boston (Amine Edge) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.11.15
ABSRDST, Robokid, Alt-OK & The Bae State @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.11.15
H.O.M.E. (Reggie Reg) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.12.15
Bass Foundation (Dinoblunt, Craig Rumble, Mung Bandit & Littlefoot) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.12.15
Duke Dumont @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.15.15
Diehard on Decks (XTC Nottingham, The Russian & Strictly Vinyl Crew) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 4.15.15
CNTRL (Richie Hawtin, Matthew Dear, Matador & Ean Golden) @ Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.15.15
Elements (Klute) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.15
Oh Snap! 90s Dance Party (David Nice) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.15
Skrux @ The Middle East :: Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.15
Strange Brew Party (7L, Leah V, Bianca Oblivion & Knife) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.16.15
Make it New Fundraiser for Allen Manzi & Peter Brown @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.15
Claptone @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.17.15
Cedric Gervais @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.17.15
Brek.One @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.17.15
Atomic (Kennedy Jones) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.17.15
Bommer, Crowell & Cubs @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.17.15
Random Rab & Saqi @ The Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.17.15
Rise Afterhours (Jerome Isma-Ae, B3RAO, DJ Tao, Kidd Drunkadelic & BRRIO) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.17.15
iExperia Color (Nu.F.O, Ju Lee, Glowkids, Commerce, Godoii & Davvid) @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.17.15
Deeper (Seven Lions) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.18.15
Major Dundee @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.18.15
Rise Afterhours (Victor Caldrone & Craig Mitchell) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.18.15
Veritae (GCR Music, SAES, Ryan Obermiller & John Barera) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.18.15
H.O.M.E. (DJ Lil Ray) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.19.15
Oliver Heldens & Dude-N-Guy @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.19.15
CllctvBoston @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.19.15 (4pm)
Scanners (Phork & Xerome) @ Deep Thoughts :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 4.22.15
Elements (Dara) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.23.15
Oh Snap! 90s Dance Party (Inkognito) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.23.15
Arty @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.24.15
Hot Since 82 @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.24.15 
Atomic (Seven Lions) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.24.15
Drown (Prism & Cirrus) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.24.15
Deeper (Crookers) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.25.15
Durkin @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.25.15
Bassline & Archnemesis @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.25.15
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DJ Diver & Colby Drasher) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 4.25.15
Madeon @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.26.15
H.O.M.E. (Jesse Cardoso) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.26.15
The Juan MacLean (Live) @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 4.28.15
Algo @ The Middle East Upstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.30.15
Elements (Trixie) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.30.15

Past Events  

Playground (Open Decks) @ 6B Lounge :: Boston MA :: 4.1.15
Re:Set & Uhuru Afrika (Nomumbah) :: Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.1.15
Diehard on Decks (Mike Skillz, Caezar & NoMercy) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 4.1.15


Cool Free Stuff: Catt Moop-Nova (Bass)

Atlanta producer Catt Moop takes the southern-fried hip hop vibes his hometown is known for and flips things upside down with some interesting edit work on “Nova”. Found on a recent Soundcloud dig, Nova focuses less on the 808 (unlike most trap and bass music) in favor of some wildly-catchy high pitched percussive stabs. Not only to they carry the melody but also adds extra layers of grunge to really give this jam some character. Be sure to check Catt Moop’s Soundcloud page, he’s got a ton of other tracks and remixes on there as well.


Cool Free Stuff: Kill Paris-Space Forest (Bass)

In anticipation for his upcoming album that drops in mid-April alongside an extensive US tour, Kill Paris graces us with a teaser titled “Space Forest”. A half-tempo affair sporting the classic, 808-centric trap motif, Space Forest’s beats leave ample room for its centerpiece: a massive and melodic lead synth. There’s nothing too far out of the ordinary here as far as this style goes, just filler-free bass music. Be sure to check Kill Paris’s site for details on his long-player, which will also be a free download that releases on 4.15!



Ticket Giveaway! World of Drum & Bass Feat. DJ SS, Prototypes & More, 3.22.15

Drum and bass’s longest consistently-run record label Formation celebrates a quarter of a century’s worth of releases this year. In a genre where longevity is fleeting, label boss DJ SS continues to make his mark within its ever-changing scene. While building a successful tour from Formation’s bottomless roster of artists is a more recent accomplishment, the World of Drum and Bass Tour is SS’s testament to ensuring even kids young enough to be his son know his brand in 2015.

The World of Drum and Bass Tour makes a stop in Boston this Sunday before venturing down south to take part in Miami’s Winter Music Conference, one of their staple events. The lineup is thick with talent. Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith, two veterans with resumes equal to the length of SS’s, spearhead the lineup in celebration of their “15 Years of Technique” album. We’re also getting The Prototypes, easily one of Formation’s most successful recent A&R efforts, along with extra’s Crissy Criss. Faction, who once called Boston home a decade ago warm things up with Modified Motion & Faction, and MC Toddlah and Josiah Scribes will keep the party live and direct on mic.

Expect the dancefloor at the Middle East to be just as packed as the lineup. And thanks to joint collaborators True Crew and Eastcoast Underground, we’re doing not one, but TWO ticket giveaway contests for this. To enter to win, you need to share this post on your Facebook and Twitter pages, then leave your name and email in the comments section below. If you don’t have Twitter, just let us know in the comments as well. Drawing is 12pm Saturday. Good luck!

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