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Cool Free Stuff: Doctor Jeep-Devil Rhythm VIP (Bass)

Last year Doctor Jeep handled his business putting out the steppy garage vibes on “Devil Rhythm”, one of the key tracks on the Together 2013 artists compilation (a free download here). One year later he returns with a VIP version, filling in the percussion with some added pieces of kit and giving it the UK Funky treatment. The LFO is turned down a bit on the bassline of this version, which is also a free download, making it more straight-laced. Check it out below! 


Ticket Giveaway! Social Studies Presents Kenny Dope @ Goodlife, 4.25.14

If there’s anything that can be said about the Social Studies crew in Boston, it’s definitely the fact they have good taste in proper house music. While the names they bring in, such as Beautiful Swimmers, Mister Saturday Night, and Omar S aren’t universally-recognized headliners, they sets they deliver to the people lucky enough to attend never seem to be forgotten. Off the strength of the last several monthly events they’ve thrown at Goodlife, they’ve upped the ante quite a bit by inviting a legend to grace us with his presence this Friday: Kenny Dope.


Kenny Dope doesn’t really need an introduction, but the timing of this booking couldn’t be better considering his partner-in-crime Louie Vega also paid Boston his first visit in years just a few months ago. Kenny Dope is NOT a headliner who comes through every day, so this is a highly recommended jam for all house heads! 

So we’ve got a ticket giveaway contest for this thanks to Goodlife and Social Studies. All you need to do is “like” Beantown Boogiedown and Social Studies on facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below to be entered to win a pair. Drawing is at 12pm this Friday, the day of the show. Good luck!

Facebook event info


Cool Free Stuff: Slow Graffiti-I Wanna (Bass)

MOB is a brand new Boston record label fresh out the gate that specializes in bass music from a global perspective. The first release on MOB is a track by Slow Graffiti out of the UK, a producer who’s been gaining a bit of traction in recent months thanks to play on Annie Nightingale’s show on BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends. “I Wanna” builds on the framework of a standard twerk tune with pitched drums that compliment the lead. It’s definitely a hip hop sort of vibe, with plenty of breathing room for a vocalist to throw some verses on top of, but definitely with much heavier percussion. Stream below, or “like” MOB on Facebook to download it for free.


Cool Free Stuff: Protohype & the Frim-Crazy (Twerk/100-200 bpm)

American producers Protohype & the Frim, both alumni of Datsik’s infamous Firepower tour, are no strangers when it comes to delivering the heat. Their latest track “Crazy”, a free soundcloud download, explores their take on the currently-trendy sounds of twerk, but while retaining the catchy riffs and low-end impact from their older excursions around the 140 bpm speed limit. We may not ever figure out whet the hell is wrong with that dude they’re talking about, but it’s a bit easier to figure out how to download this thing: just “like” the Frim’s Facebook page.


Ticket Giveaway! Koan Sound & Minnesota @ Middle East Downstairs, 4.22.14

Big show for bass-heads this coming Tuesday at the Middle East downstairs! Hailing from Bristol, Koan Sound is a well-established duo who have been testing the boundaries of dubstep, hip hop, bass, glitch, drum and bass, and other tangential styles since their formation in 2008. They’ve never settled for just one sound. In fact, each release of theirs (delivered in the form of a bi-annual 5 or 6 track EP) evolves just enough to appease the casual fans who expect them to sound just like that track of theirs that Skrillex always plays, while keeping their hardened fans on their toes at all times. 

The release fueling Koan Sound’s current tour is their Dynasty EP, released earlier this month on OWSLA. A perfect take on their vast palette of soundscapes, the four tracks on this EP explore everything from an electronically-inclined version of Parliament Funkadelic on “7th Dimension” to straight slap-bass funk on the aptly-titled “Infinite Funk”, a serene dose of fusion jazz with live drums on “Lost in Thought”, and of course their signature bass-and-space formula on the title track.

I’m not sure if this is Koan Sound’s first visit to Boston, but they’re definitely not alone on this show! Tour co-pilot Minnesota will be performing opening duties. Minnesota’s bass-centric facade is quite similar to Koan Sound’s, with a knack for working within a variety of tempo ranges and moods. And local DJ Kidd Drunkadelic will be honing in on the decks early on as well; as one part of the Lifted Contingency be sure to check out his recent Lifted Cuts compilation! It’s a huge local showcase that’s been generating quite a bit of buzz in the underground electronic scene in recent weeks.


Thanks to Mass EDMC, we’re giving away a free pair of tix to this show. All you need to do is “like” Beantown Boogiedown and Mass EDMC on Facebook, then leave your name and email in the comments section below. I draw the winner at 12pm on 4/22, the day of the show. Good luck!

Facebook event info | Purchase tickets here


Cool Free Stuff: Klaus Nomi-Keys of Life (Om Unit Edit)

This is a pretty cool edit Om Unit just made of the late baroque and synthpop legend Klaus Nomi. It’s tough to arrange Nomi’s multi-track vocals, which covered quite an expansive range, without throwing things off balance. Om Unit leaves them pretty much as-is on his edit of “Keys of Life”, opting to use a light-handed approach to add transparent percussion and some slightly reinforced low end to the formula. He extends the original by a little over a minute, harmonizing Nomi’s vocals with reverberated attacks to send the track off properly. Great piece for ending a set with.


Cool Free Stuff: Mefjus, Bowsar & MC Maksim-Primal Instinct (Drum & Bass)

Austrian drum and bass producer Mefjus just hit 30K facebook fans off the strength of dozens of quality releases on well-established labels within the genre such as Critical, Citrus, and Virus. His toughened sound and tortuous basslines are best heard on big systems, an example of which includes “Primal Instinct”, produced in conjunction with Bowsar and MC Maksim. Released for free for hitting the 30K milestone, Maksim’s vocals pierce right through the menacing low frequencies, keeping the listener steadily focused and attentive until the final notes. There’s a pretty cool false ending, where the song fades out then back in again with some hip hop beats, perhaps smatterings of an unused idea that never left the cutting floor until now. Grab this one off Mefjus’ Soundcloud or Facebook pages.


Cool Free Stuff: M.A.N.D.Y. & Julian Ganzer-Japan (Ioakim Sayz Remix) (Tech House)

With the Get Physical crew hitting the all-important milestone of adding their 100,000th follower on Soundcloud, they’ve decided to unleash a free track to the masses (something they rarely do, making it that much more intriguing!) “Japan” was a collab between M.A.N.D.Y. and Julian Ganzer released on this tech house institution in the fall of 2013. Up-and-coming Berlin-based producer Ioakim Sayz’s remix is the free track offered here. What I dig is the only thing shared in common with the original is the drums and the overall groove. Sayz re-works the string section entirely, adding an arpeggio to give it more of a hypnotic feel. Link below.


Featured Mixes: DJ Knife-Strange Brew Vol. 4 (Multi-genre)

Wanna know the sign of an expertly-crafted DJ mix? When you listen to it for the first time thinking it had to have been done in Ableton, then reading the description on Soundcloud and learning it was actually a one-shot deal done straight (no chaser) with just two turntables and a mixer. Like, old school style. Of course when you’re dealing with Boston’s own DJ Knife, they aren’t mixes, they’re brews. And just like he does every single year, Knife manages to execute an hour of intertwining everything from Tensnake to Janet Jackson, Tribe Called Quest, local rockers Gentlemen Hall, Brillz, Crosby Stills & Nash, and oh, hey, why not some vintage Urban Shakedown jungle for some color at the end, right?? Enter Strange Brew volume 4. 

I honestly have no clue how long Knife spends compiling the set lists to these mixes. Considering what I’ve seen him pull off in a live setting, it wouldn’t surprise me if none of it was even pre-meditated, which must get tougher as each installment of Strange Brew really does fall further off the rocker. Must be a Utica thing (but don’t tell anyone that’s where Knife’s originally from, but it’s ok if you tell everyone my grandparents were as well). 

So yeah, there’s some nice jams on this mix. Lots of custom edits which I’m sure Knife dug the digital abyss known as Soundcloud to source. His hands probably weren’t quite as dusty by doing it online, but he didn’t have to deal with the snark of a typical record store owner either….Soundcloud’s pretty hassle-free these days. 

Knife also generally plays whatever flavor in EDM is currently hot at the moment towards the end of these mixes; in other words if you were expecting to hear some trap you came to the right place. Might need to go back a volume or two for dubstep. But there’s also some jungle that follow the trap, a pleasant surprise! Overall this is quite a colorful listening experience, and something not every DJ can pull off. So hats off to the man who helps hold down Goodlife and the long-running Fresh Produce jams.

There will be an official CD release party for Strange Brew 4 at, you guessed it, Goodlife this Thursday! In addition to the man himself, 7L and Braun Dapper will be in the building to lend a hand on deck duty. Facebook event info here.


Cool Free Stuff: Redlight-C.A.S.S.I.E. (Bass/House)

I’ve admittedly been sleeping on the jams UK house producer Redlight’s been dropping over the last year or two, but am digging this recent bootleg he just posted to his Soundcloud page of “Me & U” by Cassie. More a DJ tool than a standalone track, Redlight leaves Cassie’s soulful voice unchanged while reinforcing it with heavyweight steel drums beneath. Sparse pads and a timestretched “jungle massive” stab at the midway point (perhaps a nod to his drum and bass heyday when he was Clipz?) are added in for good measure. Grab it today.