BBD Podcast Series: Mix 092 by DJ Zoses (Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass, Etc)

What’s great about DJ’ing nowadays is being versatile is more fashionable than ever before. Coming up in the vinyl age when you were panned as a “jack-of-all-trades” if you played anything outside the microcosm of a single sub-genre, the way many curate music in 2015 is like a breath of fresh air. Take Boston’s own DJ Zoses for example. A recent upstart willing to simply play “good music” instead of genres, Zoses has no problems navigating through myriads of tempos, straight and broken beats, vocals and instrumentals, and anthems and obscure slow-burners alike. 

Click here to read more and check out the mix!


Cool Free Stuff: Kai Wachi & Squnto-Brain Splat (Trap)

If you live in New England, I recommend getting a chance to witness bass producer Squnto play a local gig before he blows up…which I strongly believe he’s on the brink of doing as we speak. Already a familiar face in the stateside dubstep and trap scene, Squnto just released a collab with Boise producer Kai Wachi titled “Brain Splat”. 

This tune essentially takes the trap rulebook and discards it entirely. You’ll immediately notice the unorthodox tempo — sitting pretty at around 85 bpm, Brain Splat works perfect in a hip hop or drum and bass set. You may also notice this tune lacks trap’s usual TR-808 drums (heaven forbid!!); they’re replaced here with stadium-spectacle stomps, claps and snares that wouldn’t sound out of place at a death metal concert. Finally, we’re dealing with a 6-minute track here, almost double the length of most trap singles. But these guys include enough tension with dramatic build-ups and drops that keep things flowing quickly and cohesively all the way through. In a world littered with over-saturated TR-808 loops and Lex Luger sample packs, it’s nice to see these guys moving trap into unchartered territory. Download it for free today! 


Backyard: Together Compilation Compiles 22 Great Tracks by New England Based Artists

Last week I was crazy busy handling photo duty during the Together fest that I didn’t even have free time to blog about the second annual music compilation I helped curate for them as well! Rushed Facebook announcement posts aside, we had a tightened compilation this time around that represented an accurate cross-section of talent in the underground dance scene here in our backyard.

Following a sprawling 40-track showcase coupled with a limited vinyl 12” single last year, I buttoned things up a bit for this year’s Together compilation but without making it seem less ambitious. While Boston has a myriad of social circles (many of which are unlinked), my vision for the compilation is simply to cross-pollenate as much as possible between these various groups. Not unlike the ethos of the fest as an entirety. 

The selection process of who to include on the Together compilation is always a tricky one. There’s plenty of talent in New England, and I have to paint broad strokes on a canvas with a very narrow brush. With 22 tracks this year, it’s pretty easy to exclude some local artists. But part of my vision this year was have at least half of the tracks feature artists who have never appeared on this annual project before. I am happy to say I followed through with this. The other half includes local favorites, plus a number of return appearances from last year.

Highlights from this year’s showcase include “Detroit”, a first-time appearance from Twism & B3RAO, a disco-house duo who have been turning heads in a number of influential label offices this year, including Nervous. Local favorite John Barera is also here, wielding a guitar solo and good vibes from Bob Diesel on “No Fly List”. In other musical territory we have the hook endorsed pop-trap hybrid “Rise Up” from Nu.F.O., the Night Slugs-inspired “911 Emergency” by Vaepors, a relentless techno affair from Ali B***cough*** Mr. Marimba titled “Two”, and finally some soulful house by Peter Corvaia, who is one of the city’s best kept secrets right now in my opinion.

You can grab all the tracks as free downloads above. I also made a DJ mix that includes all 22 tracks on it as well if you’d like to listen to them continuously. It’s a cohesive mix that starts with the deep house tracks and builds through techno towards the faster, more broken beat sounds of dubstep, trap, and future bass. 

Finally, check my annual Together artists mix if you haven’t yet! I’ve been doing these since 2011, and this year’s is the best one I have ever done. It accurately represented the breadth and depth of talent the Together promoters brought to town this year. If you missed the fest, you can live it vicariously through this.

Thanks again to all the producers who contributed to the compilation this year!


Ticket Giveaway & Free Download! Blue Boy Productions Relaunches as PropLydz

If you’ve wandered around the streets of Allston on many a weeknight in previous years, you may recall the name “Blue Boy Productions”. If you never saw them live, then you’ve surely seen a poster somewhere. A staple at Wonderbar, particularly at the Wobble Wednesdays and Music Ecology nights, Blue Boy bandmates Alex Russo and Chris Narainen added a healthy dose of live flavor to their bass-fueled floor fillers. 

In recent months Russo and Narainen went the solo route; the former expanding his chops in Ableton and working with synths while the latter played drums in a number of different outfits and DJ’d drum and bass on occasion. They’ve now joined forces once again with a brand new name: PropLydz.

While the name ain’t the same, the same great sound you remember these guys by back in the heyday still remains! Their official re-launch takes place at Church of Boston this Friday. Expect lots of gnarly synths, wobbly bass, and slightly unquantized percussive rhythms that span from the slower depths of hip and glitch hop all the way up to faster-paced sounds such as dubstep, trap, and possible even some jungle. With these guys, just about anything goes. 

Thanks to PropLydz, we have two things for you guys: a free exclusive track which we’re debuting on BBD, as well as a ticket giveaway contest for the show.

The download is their remix of “Oh Sheit it’s X” by Thundercat; a perfect testament to their emphasis on the lower frequencies. A bit of a throwback to 2010, PropLydz dials things back a few years to the wobbling bass and slapstick snares many Americans just getting into the scene for the first time fondly recall as they were unknowingly experiencing dubstep for the first time (and particularly, our country’s spin on it). Grab it here:

Thundercat: Oh Sheit It’s X (PropLydz Remix)

And as for the ticket giveaway, same drill as always. Just “like” PropLydz and Beantown Boogiedown on Facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below. I draw the winner at 12pm on Friday. Good luck! 

Facebook event page


Cool Free Stuff: Trentino & JRDN-Freedom (Electro House)

Many prominent turntablists ignite their careers by winning scratch battles and tournaments before dabbing in music production. Trentino, on the other hand, has done things the opposite way. Starting out as an electronic artist who’s work has been licensed to the likes of MTV, ESPN, and other mainstream avenues, he’s also developed quite a knack for beat juggling and the crab scratch on the side. A RedBull Thre3style champion, Trentino amasses a bit of his following via his Soundcloud page, where he constantly releases both bootlegs and original tracks for free. Check out “Freedom”, a recent vocal electro-house jam featuring JRDN. 

If you dig and live in Boston, be sure to check Trentino out this Thursday at Great Scott in Allston. He headlines a show in conjunction with Table Manners and the Together fest. Info here!


Cool Free Stuff: Andy Stott-Violence (Amber Cox Remix) (Techno)

Violence” by Andy Stott is one of the centerpieces from his last full-length effort Faith in Strangers. A juxtaposition between minimalism and brutalism, “Violence” opens and closes with nary a beat. It also includes powerful vocals covered in layers of distortion. San Francisco techno producer Amber Cox just penned an unofficial version which is available for free. Staying true to the impactful source material, Cox didn’t mess about with the vocals and strings, as the original was based on the delicate balance between the two. The remix was rather done to give it a rhythm section and added DJ friendliness. Link below. 

If you’re in Boston be sure to check Andy Stott this Sunday evening at the Middlesex Lounge, where he plays the opening party for the Together fest!


Ticket Giveaway! Cycle Presents Total Science @ Goodlife, 5.15.15

If you’ve been listening to drum and bass for more than five minutes, you’ve surely heard of Total Science by now. The duo with the most decorated discography in the genre, Q-Project and Spinback have released upwards of 500 tracks since joining forces back in the mid 90s. 

Their release resume reads like a who’s who of noted drum and bass labels. Hospital. Metalheadz. Good Looking. Renegade Hardware. Timeless. 31. Reinforced. True Playaz. Hardleaders. Bingo. Dispatch. Shogun. Eastside. Essentially every well-known imprint has at least one Total Science-penned 12” in their back catalogue. And that doesn’t even touch on what they’ve released on the half-dozen or so labels they’ve owned and operated. I would safely wager a bet that Total Science holds the record for most tracks released per capita and most labels released on in all of drum and bass!

So there’s obviously little doubt Total Science is one of the hardest-working duos in this genre. They’re generally known for their formula which consists of rolling breakbeats and sparse usage of vintage hardcore, house, and hip hop samples. With a simple and inoffensive formula, Total Science’s music tends to be quite DJ friendly. Must explain why they’ve probably been picked up on many different labels (without being forced to make any compromises in their music regardless of who they released with). 

Both members are also notorious for having a bit of a sense of humor, which is one side of the duo that doesn’t really translate much in the music (save a few amusing song titles)…you have to witness them live to catch their antics. Luckily if you’re in Boston next week, you’ll have that chance next Friday at Goodlife. Cycle is back at it again, with Total Science handling deck duty in the basement, as one of the satellite events of the Together fest.

With Josiah Scribes hosting, along with co-MC Digga Buckshot and opening DJ’s Lenore, EHT and brothers FDOT and Basek, you know this is going to be another one for the record books. Get there early and keep this night healthy as booking drum and bass in this city on the weekend is no small order.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out FDOT’s Total Science showcase mix he put together earlier this week. Featuring forty minutes of back-to-back classics (including Make Me Feel, Squash, and the Dubplate remix) plus a few dusty gems many haven’t heard in years (if at all), this mix is recommended for heads and novices alike.

Oh yeah, the ticket giveaway. Thanks to Cycle, we’re giving away a free pair of tix to this. For this one, you must share this event on Facebook or Twitter to qualify. Once you do that, leave your name and email in the comments section below. I draw the winner at 12pm on Wednesday the 13th. Good luck! 

Facebook event page


Cool Free Stuff: Royal T-2 People (Garage)

Royal T has gathered quite a bit of steam in the garage scene as of recent. He’s a choice DJ on Rinse FM, and is equally as noted for his original productions, which are a head-nod to the heyday of these flavors (particularly 2-step, grime, and 4x4 garage). “2 People” is a recent track of his which happens to be a free download on Soundcloud. Going the vintage 2-step route, Royal T takes us right back to summer 2000 and sports the classic R&B synths, Korg M1 bassline, and breezy percussion the likes of Zed Bias, Wookie, and MJ Cole were known for in those days. Get it here.


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For May 2015

Upcoming Events 

Quintino @ Naga :: Cambridge MA :: 5.6.15
Project Mixx (J.Zamora & KosKos) @ 6B Lounge :: Boston MA :: 5.6.15
Diehard on Decks (Glowclops, G-Force & Kevlar) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 5.6.15
Wobble Wednesdays (G Jones, Yheti, Perkulat0r & Maverick) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.6.15
Re:Set (Charles Mazzola, Johnny Vaz & Eduard Digii) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 5.6.15
Out of the Blue Round 2 (A DJ Facilitated Art Gallery Experience) @ Out of the Blue Gallery :: Cambridge MA :: 5.6.15
Elements (DJ Dazee) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 5.7.15
Make it New (Daniel Avery) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.7.15
Apashe, Wubson, Ghast, & Dan Couture @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.7.15
PVRPLE (HXV) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.8.15
Bingo Players @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 5.8.15
Frank White @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.8.15
Ju Lee & Jaminic @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 5.8.15
Pleasurekraft & Technasia @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 5.8.15
Freshh (J.Zamora & KosKos) @ O.Sushi :: Cambridge MA :: 5.8.15
Acoustica Electronica (Kon & the Wig) @ Oberon :: Cambridge MA :: 5.8.15
Binary (Uncle Bob, Stylyze & Light Blue Laboratory) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.8.15
Thriftworks, Andreilien, kLL sMTH, AtYyA & Bightside @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.8.15
Kon @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.9.15
Miss Jade @ Candibar :: Boston MA :: 5.9.15
Drown (Joe Nice & Lenore) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 5.9.15
Dream Club (C.Z., Flashback & Awesome 2) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.9.15
Sessions (Soultroniclove, Leo Alarcon & Bruno) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 5.9.15
Sounds of the Underground (Sergio Santos, Beta Ghosts & Don Fochi) @ Cantab Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 5.9.15
H.O.M.E. (T.C.C.) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 5.10.15
Bass Foundation (Dyligence & Caelis) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.10.15
Together Opening Party (Andy Stott) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.10.15
Future Vibes (Sergio Santos, Sal Lograsso, Lavdat & Chas Bronz) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.10.15
Together (East India Youth) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 5.11.15
Together (DVS1 & John Barera) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.11.15
Together/Drown (Kahn) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.12.15
Together VJ Competition @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.12.15 (7-9pm)
Together/Hearthrob (Gina Turner) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.12.15
D.O.D. @ Naga :: Cambridge MA :: 5.13.15
Re:Set (John Tejada) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 5.13.15
Wednesday Wax (Matt McNeill & Nick Minieri) @ Foundation Room :: Boston MA :: 5.13.15
Together (Sango, STWO, Black El, Durkin & YVNG PAVL) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.13.15
Together (Martyn, Tom Trago, Florinsz Janvier, Cursed P & VJ Heleen Blanken) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.13.15
Together/Make it New (Scuba) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.14.15
Table Manners/Together (Trentino) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 5.14.15
Together/Elements (Throwdown) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 5.14.15
Circle (Ammon Ep, Mission, Lychee, Cosinezero & Pussywillow) @ Cuisine en Locale :: Somerville MA :: 5.14.15
Together (Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, Kon & Life on Planets) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.14.15
Together/JSTJR & Friends (JSTJR, Happy Colors, G-Buck, Choppa Dunks & CRVFTSMEN) @ TT the Bears :: Cambridge MA :: 5.14.15
Together (Sasha) @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 5.15.15
Together/Cycle (Total Science) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.15.15
Together/Dusk Till Done (DJ Three) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 5.15.15
Veritae (George Vala, Arkose & Salda) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 5.15.15
Together (Cultures of Soul Soundsystem) @ Lilypad :: Somerville MA :: 5.15.15
Together (Soul Clap Record Fair) @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 5.15.15
Together/Project Mixx (KosKos & J.Zamora) @ O Sushi :: Cambridge MA :: 5.15.15
Scissor & Thread Showcase (Frank & Tony and Desert Sound Colony) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 5.15.15
Together (Mano Le Tough, Bob Moses & Project Pablo) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.15.15
Lawn on D Season Opener :: Lawn on D :: Boston MA :: 5.16.15
Together/CSC (Derek Plaslaiko) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.16.15
Together/DRAW (South London Ordinance) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 5.16.15
Together/Studio XO (Kerry Leva & Cost Carma) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 5.16.15
Boat Cruise Summer Series (Gramatik) @ 200 Seaport Blvd :: Boston MA :: 5.16.15
Dropout (DJ Pussywillow & Brian Halligan) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 5.16.15
Together (Justin Martin & Ardalan) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.16.15
Together/Discwoman (Umfang, Volvox, Riobamba & MSG) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 5.16.15
Together/Some Like it Hott (Pete Moss, Caseroc, Lenore & more) @ Lilypad :: Somerville MA :: 5.16.15

Together/H.O.M.E. (Brian Coxx) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 5.17.15
Kill Paris, Louis Futon & Bee’s Knees @ Brighton Music Hall :: Boston MA :: 5.20.15
Re:Set (Cost Carma, Patrick Barry & Sudo) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 5.20.15
Make it New (Ben UFO & Midland) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.21.15
Moti @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 5.22.15
Dixon @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 5.22.15
PropLydz, Of the Trees & Gater @ Church of Boston :: Boston MA :: 5.22.15
Untame Tropical Party (J.Rabbit) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.22.15
Deeper (Charles Mazzola, Don Fochi & Cem Ozden) @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 5.23.15
Basement Movement (BAMBOUNOU, Brrio, Somekid & Insha) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 5.23.15
Dusk Till Done Afterparty (Mr. C, Patrick Barry, Johnny Vaz & Smeed and Suspence) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 5.23.15
Fresh Headz BBQ (Mr. C, Beta Ghosts, Cam Ozden, Charles Mazzola, After Touch & MDALY) @ Marsh Post #442 :: Cambridge MA :: 5.23.15
H.O.M.E. (Jose Marquez) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 5.24.15
Plastique 2 Year Birthday @ Midway Cafe :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 5.24.15
Kiasmos @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 5.28.15
Make it New (Rone) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 5.28.15
Tommy Trash @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 5.29.15
Marcus Schossow @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 5.29.15
X/ManRay 10-Year Reunion @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 5.29.15
Shake (DJ Funk, Parris Mitchell, Ali Berger & Dev/Null) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.29.15
Scanners (Container, Unicorn Hard-On & Fyoelk) @ Deep Thoughts :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 5.29.15
Chocolate Puma @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 5.30.15
Dancing on the Charles I @ Marsh Post 442 :: Cambridge MA :: 5.30.15
Terravita & Kicks N Licks @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.30.15
H.O.M.E. (Residents) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 5.31.15
Hudson Mohawke @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 5.31.15

Past Events

Wil Trahan @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 5.1.15
Fresh (J.Zamora & KosKos) @ O Sushi :: Cambridge MA :: 5.1.15
Delano Smith
@ Middle East Upstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 5.1.15
DRAW (Tone Ra, INSPEKTAH, Insha & Somekid) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 5.1.15
Blockhead, Mono/Poly & Mariano Xavier @ The Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 5.1.15
Christian Martin & Worthy @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 5.2.15
Release Your Dance (DJ Savuth) @ the Lab :: Roxbury MA :: 5.2.15
Vrare, Branx, Flylosophy, H2H & L’Homie @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 5.2.15
Triple Platinum (Frank White, Durkin & Evaredy) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA : 5.2.15
Prohibition (Kid Casino, Pats & the Hats & Dusty Digital) @ Vault :: Boston MA :: 5.2.15
Uhuru Afrika (Adam Gibbons, KCIV, Leo Alarcon & Sidy Maiga) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 5.2.15
Toro Y Moi @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 5.3.15
H.O.M.E. (Soultronic) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 5.3.15
Bass Foundation (Bitcrusher & Noya) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.3.15

Intergalactic Dance Party (DJ Howie D, Lavoie & AlexXan) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.3.15
Funk Hunters @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 5.5.15


Cool Free Stuff: Sade-Couldn't Love You More (Matrixxman & Vin Sol Remix) (House)

While San Francisco natives Matrixxman and Vin Sol have taken off in the underground house scene in recent months, let’s briefly revisit a sensuous Sade re-edit they built back in 2013. “Couldn’t Love You More” was originally released by the legendary singer in 1992. Matrixxman and Vin Sol subtly dial the tempo up on their take, but while keeping the drums minimal and the bassline complimentary to retain the sultry vibe of the original. Originally pressed on limited vinyl that has since sold out, it’s cool these guys decided to make it a free download. Perfect compliment for the incoming warmer weather too.