Ticket Giveaway! CreateSpace Presents Overtime @ Middle East, 2.2.16

The CreateSpace collective have managed to make themselves at home in their new headquarters at the Middle East in Cambridge. With a string of monthly events over the past year that lean towards the classic template of American house and techno, CreateSpace continues to be a driving force in bringing the sounds of Detroit and Chicago to Boston.  

Instead of a flashy headliner, for this month’s edition CreateSpace has decided to showcase three local veterans who’s names should need no introduction plus Elisabeth Dalton. Dalton might be new to Boston, but was heavily involved in helping build the scene in her Montreal hometown, playing shows and hosting events on the regular there. And considering the fact Some Like it Hott, Elements and Social Studies are three of the most distinct and enduring underground nights in this city, it’s only logical to have Alan Manzi, Lenore and Alfredo rep them properly.  

Expect freshness coupled with a refined and mature music selection. This is pure adult business!

Thanks to CreateSpace we’re doing a ticket giveaway for this. What you need to do: “like” Beantown Boogiedown and CreateSpace on Facebook, and email me at to confirm your entry. I draw a winner this Friday at 12pm. Good luck.

Facebook event page


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For February 2016 

Upcoming Events 

Trust Gallery Exhibition (Alexxxan, Nite Krawla & Joe Grafton) @ 228 Newbury St :: Boston MA :: 2.5.16 (7pm)
Shadows Over Boston (How Hard, Nevamore, Chaos D, Insight, Zydrate & more) @ Middle East Upstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 2.5.16
Flight 617 (Boltcutter) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 2.6.16
Binary (Vanilla Ace) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 2.6.16
Serge Gamesbourg @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.6.16
Utopia (Bruno & Bmilk) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 2.6.16
Treasure Fingers & Landis Lapace @ Ascend :: Boston MA :: 2.6.16
Boston Beatbox Battle (Kenny Urban, Honeycomb, Gene Shinozaki & more) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 2.7.16
Techno Taco Tuesday @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 2.9.16
Vault (Bob Diesel) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.9.16
Dream Atlas Premiere Party (Of The Trees, Spundose, Heiss & Caelis) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 2.9.16
Tale of Us @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 2.10.16
Diehard on Decks (Lucius Natick, Weekend Dad vs Housewife, Cyb3rPunk & Reverend) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 2.10.16
Elements (Kae Sharp) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 2.22.16
Jeremy Olander @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 2.12.16
Frank White @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.12.16
PVRPLE (Amadeezy, Knife & more) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 2.12.16
Overtime (Lenore, Elisabeth Dalton, Alfredo & Alan Manzi) @ Middle East Upstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 2.12.16
Nu! @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.13.16
Dark City Bass (Jakes) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 2.13.16
Kidd & Madonny @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 2.14.16
The Wave @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.14.16
Cherub @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 2.14.16
Love is in the Air White Party @ Club Cafe :: Boston MA :: 2.14.16
H.O.M.E. Valentines Day Party (Bruno, Leo Alarcon & Househead Pete) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 2.14.16
Toadface & Levitation Jones @ Wonderbar :: Boston MA :: 2.17.16
Make it New (Len Faki) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.18.16
Elements (Skeptical) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 2.18.16
Feb PEM/PM Activate (A Tribe Called Red) @ Peabody Essex Museum :: Salem MA :: 2.18.16
Goldroom @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 2.19.16
7L @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.19.16
Community Links (Herodot & VENDi) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 2.19.16
Project Mixx (Mark Starr & Lux Groove) @ Vanderbilt :: Boston MA :: 2.19.16
Kon @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.20.16
Boombox @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 2.20.16
Claude Vonstroke @ Ascend :: Boston MA :: 2.20.16
Odyssey 617 Jam Hot (Bob Diesel, Evan Berube & Trip Report) @ Lilypad :: Cambridge MA :: 2.20.16
Martin Roth @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 2.24.16
Make it New (Martyn) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.25.16
Elements (Residents) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 2.25.16
Dirty Chocolate & Sober Rob @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 2.25.16
The Floozies, Russ Liquid & SunSquabi @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 2.25.16
Maceo Plex @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 2.26.16
Bear/Paul @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.26.16
Dusk Till Done (Clovis, Patrick Barry, Sudo & Johnny Vaz) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 2.26.16
Mija @ Ascend :: Boston MA :: 2.27.16
@ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 2.27.16


Ticket Giveaway! DJ Earl at Shake, 2.5.16

Nearing a half-decade after its global discovery outside its strong Chicago origins, juke and footwork continues to evolve and mature thanks to a new wave of talented artists. Waving the Teklife flag not just in allegiance to the sound but also to founding member DJ Rashad’s legacy, DJ Earl is currently one of the crew’s youngest yet most talented members. 

In his mid-20s, Earl has managed to build a library of samples extending as far back as more than twice his age. Building on top of a percussive foundation that ranges from juke’s atypical TR-808 kit to chopped breakbeats reminiscent of classic jungle, Earl works with a palette of obscure jazz, funk, disco and soul. While the sample-based workflow of juke and footwork has remained largely unchanged in the near two decades since its inception, Earl has proven that its rhythms, arrangements, and sources of influence continue to get more complex and interesting.


It’s no surprise that Shake managed to get ahold of Earl to have him come play Boston for the first time ever this Friday at Goodlife. As he finishes projects on an almost weekly basis expect freshness; alongside residents Fens, Damian Silva and Antonious Monk who are warming things up proper.

This is a giveaway contest so you know WTF to do…like Beantown Boogiedown and Shake on facebook, and email with a confirmation to be entered to win. Drawing is for a pair of tix to the show, at 12pm on Friday.

Facebook event page


Cool Free Stuff: SQUNTO-Parquet (feat. Bashar) (Dubstep)

I’m not a huge midrangey dubstep type of guy (unfortunately I’m just too old to hang at this point), but if I were to pick one person from New England who reps that sound better than anyone right now my vote would go to SQUNTO. From a production standpoint this guy’s sound design is completely on point, turning his bass synthesis into a science while putting an equal amount of effort into his pads, strings, and other bits that aren’t just the “drop”. “Parquet” is his latest concoction; his first of the year. Enjoying an ascending career which is almost entirely self-made, be sure to check his Soundcloud as he literally has like 50 other freebies on there as well. 


Cool Free Stuff: Ducky-Work (Party Jam)

Today’s workout jam comes to us courtesy of Club Aerobics, a three piece female-driven imprint featuring a familiar face from Boston: Bianca Oblivion. Alongside cohorts Ducky and SuspectBitch, Club Aerobic’s aim is to drop free party jams on us once a month. First up: “Work” by Ducky. A straight 150 bpm floor-filler reminiscent of DJ Funk in his heyday, this one’s got the vocal hook and the 909, which is all that’s needed really. It doesn’t have the bed-squeak sound, but plenty of that stuff already exists. Oh yeah, it’s also NEST HQ approved. Niicceee. 


Anjunabeats Touches Down in Boston Tonight; an Interview with Jason Ross & ilan Bluestone 

As the Anjunabeats collective embarks on the third stop of their North American tour at the House of Blues in Boston tonight, they come fully stocked with a surprise guest: Seven Lions. Playing alongside Andrew Bayer, Grum, ilan Bluestone and Jason Ross, this Above & Beyond-founded roster has been an important and enduring institution in the world of trance and progressive house these past few years. 

I had a chance to catch up with Bluestone and Ross via email to discuss some of their musical influences and production techniques in the studio. Read below to hear what they have to say about cultivating their signature sound!

ilan Bluestone

Nick: Like many labels, Anjunabeats surely is specific with regard to the type of song they would sign. Do you ever find yourself having to compromise your personal style to fit their expectations, or are they open to your vision if it strays from the course?

ilan: They’re open to my vision. I’m always trying to expand my boundaries and figuring out new sounds I want to explore. While I love the Anjunabeats sound, and always have, it’s not something I keep in mind when I’m making music. I let my own style and tastes guide my productions, and it just happens that they fit very well with Anjunabeats.

Nick: What are your thoughts on producing while on tour? Do you prefer the distraction-free environment of the recording studio, or are you able to work on projects while on the plane or tour bus? 

ilan: I’m able to work on my projects anywhere these days. I have a good laptop, quality speakers I can fit in my suitcase, and some portable equipment that’s easy to travel with. It’s a bit more comfortable producing in a home studio, but making music on the road isn’t an issue. Plus, traveling does wonders for my inspiration.

Nick: How long did it take for you to get to the point where you were making music you were fully happy with? Do you still find yourself constantly improving your techniques (such as mixdowns and EQ’ing) even after all these years?

ilan: There’s always ways to improve, and I’m constantly learning — sometimes from experienced veterans and sometimes from amateur producers. I can’t say I’m fully happy with my music, even now. I’ve really improved a lot as a producer over the last couple years but I still want to be better. There’s always room for growth. As a producer, if you’re not trying to improve your techniques then your music is going to stagnate, and if you’re music is stagnating then you’re falling behind.

Jason Ross

Nick: Who are a few of your biggest musical influences outside of dance/electronic music?

Jason: My biggest influences outside of dance music would have to be Sigur Ros, Jon Hopkins and M83 - artists that have styles outside the norm that hit you deeply. A lot of my influences can be found on my curated Spotify playlist.

Nick: The songwriting process can often be quite complicated, requiring many hours just to even get the chord progression and song structure in place. Were there any songs you completed where the opposite happened… they just quickly came together the second inspiration hit?

Jason: Totally, it’s definitely quite a process to get things right; so much goes into play. One track in particular that really just flowed was my track “Cairo.” I had a chord progression that I was super happy with - and everything just branched off of that. It was a beautiful thing, really.

Nick: What cities have given you the most musical inspiration in your travels?

Jason: Playing in Australia a few months back was very inspiring! Sydney, in particular, is a beautiful city, and I just felt so inspired and creative when I was there. It’s hard to produce on the road, but I came back with so much newfound inspiration, just waiting to draw out in the studio. :)

Tickets should still be available for tonight’s show, be sure to check here


Cool Free Stuff: Tone Ra-Smiley (Bass)

3 minutes of disorderly chaos from Lifted Contingency’s Tone Ra up for grabs here. Ironically titled “Smiley”, this frosty piece runs the output of an 808 plus a folder of miscellaneous samples through a blender, haphazardly creating non-repeating loops are anything but redundant. It goes without saying the kick gets a healthy dose of saturation and overdrive, because c’mon we’re talking 808s here. We crescendo and close with a cinematic string section, leaving listeners scratching their heads wondering how the hell he sequenced all that…well the producers of the lot at least.

Follow Tone Ra on Soundcloud


Cool Free Stuff: Cresce-Attraction (Future/Bass)

Some laid-back west coast thump from the likes of Cresce. “Attraction” is a brief flurry of bright stabby pads and a swirling de facto kit of 808s, set to fly at cruising altitude for a brief three minutes. Easily comparable to anything I hear coming out of the Soulection camp, I immediately figured this dude was from LA. Boy was I wrong…it’s actually the Netherlands! Just goes to show this tune was good enough to fool me, and did I mention “me” rhymes with “free”?


Cool Free Stuff: Aftermath-WRPN (Garage/Bass)

I don’t know how 3000 Bass manages to find a decent track by an obscure artist on a daily basis, but somehow less than two years in I could probably manage a set playing just tracks they’ve released and turn a party out. Most recent offering: “WRPN” by Aftermath. “WRPN” actually stands for “Weapon” but using consonants in track titles is sort of a faux pas now, heh. Either way, this is a nice slice of four-on-the-floor garage, complete with classic pitched vocal stabs culled from old dancehall records. Ravey minor seventh plucks add tension where needed, and the bassline takes little conviction to get its point across. Free download, and you can follow Aftermath on Soundcloud here.


BBD Podcast 093: Aleksey Zemmel (Future Bass)

While I slacked off on a lot of things on this blog last year, arguably the arena I fared the worst in was the podcast series. Basically it was business as usual til around April, and then I just decided to completely drop the ball and, like, stop posting them entirely. The saddest part being the fact people actually sent me mixes throughout the summer that I never even uploaded. Well I think that’s all about to change.

I mean, we’re really close to podcast #100 here. That’s a pretty big deal…at least as far as this place is concerned.

The last mix in the series was one I uploaded to Mixcloud last May, but never posted a proper write-up on here. So to Aleksey, please accept my apology! The mix he sent to me was fresh, and while the tracks in it aren’t quite the newest jams on the street 9 months after the fact, they’re still ill enough to lead a casual listener to believe otherwise.

While a quick mix, Aleksey manages to work his way through house, techno, acid, and various strains of future bass. Equally as much Detroit as it is London, this mix tip-toes the fine line between 4x4 and broken beats with dexterity. Offerings by the likes of Delroy Edwards, Will Saul and Clouds paint a dark soundscape that is ripe for home previewing; the fact very few of these cuts were played to death last summer ensures the expiration date isn’t happening any time soon. Whatever party you’re hitting up this weekend, make sure this is the soundtrack for your travels there. It’s quick enough to take in while sitting in Storrow Drive traffic, yet covers a wide distance rather quickly. UNLIKE Storrow most of the time.

I’ve got more podcasts sitting in my inbox I’m about to unleash so stay tuned. Oscar and Andrew, I’m looking at you both!

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 093: Aleksey Zemmel (Future Bass) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud

Bok Bok & Tom Trago: Pussy Trak
Deloy Edwards: Str8 Fuckd
Jack Dixon: New Curtains (Troy Gunner Remix)
Air Max 97: Sleeveless
Bass Clef: Free My Mind
Will Saul: Tic Toc
Clouds: Dread Networks
Christian S: Pitch Rider