Ticket Giveaway! Social Studies Presents Jacques Renault at Goodlife, 8.29.14

D.C.-turned-Brooklyn transplant Jacques Renault is a man of many talents. These include (but are not limited to) his original productions, his classic house and disco re-edits, his knack for playing long and wildly divergent DJ sets, his label Let’s Play House (now with 30 releases under its belt), and last but not least, his legendary “roving dance parties” he throws up and down the east coast. That’s a pretty nice resume, and the fact he handles all of it with finesse and good taste means he has passed the Social Studies test: he’ll be touching down in Boston at Goodlife tomorrow night. 

Renault’s best-known tracks right now are perhaps “Back to You” and “Fake Out”, both of which are built on a backbone of the funkiest sounds to come out of Chicago and Philly in the 1970s and 80s. With darker overtones coupled with a jackin’ groove, both these tracks are instantly brought up to date and can move 50-year-olds and 20-year-olds alike on the dance floor.  Other recommended cuts by Renault include his remix of “Hibiscus Pacific” by Alliance Upholstery (a release on a New England-based label), as well as his “Got to Believe” bootleg from earlier in the year.

Want to check this dude for free? Thanks to Goodlife and Social Studies, we’re giving away a pair of tix to the show. All you need to do is “like” Beantown Boogiedown and Social Studies on Facebook, then leave your name and email in the comments section below. Drawing is tomorrow at 12pm so act quick! Good luck. 

Facebook event page 

Oh…and….consider yourself warned for next month’s Social Studies on 9/20. Mark your calendars NOW.


Ticket Giveaway! Lifted Contingency Label Takeover @ Goodlife, 8.30.14

It’s an extended weekend, so the possibilities for parties will be endless as we close out the summer here in Boston. If you need help narrowing your options, look no further than Goodlife this coming Saturday. The Lifted Contingency are taking things over, putting the spotlight on the next wave of bass music producers from our own backyard. 

Graphs has been steadily building traction with his hybrid juke-jungle work, while Tone Ra handles the experimental side of the field and label founder Kidd Drunkadelic brings his curatorial skills to the table. Then there’s Robokid, who’s sound you would need paragraphs to describe, but with features from everyone from MASS EDMC to Do Androids Dance, there’s no need to explain further. If you want to look into the future of many a DJ’s record bag in 2015, this night would be a good place to start. 

If you RSVP on Goodlife’s site, your confer charge gets knocked down from $10 to $5. And you also stand a chance of us knocking that price down to $0 if you “like” Lifted Contingency and Beantown Boogiedown on Facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below. Yes folks, this is a ticket giveaway. Drawing is 12pm this Friday so act quick, and good luck.

First 100 people through the door also get a copy of the forthcoming 24K EP, featuring tracks by Tone Ra, Graphs, Robokid, and Lightfoot! Sound clips below.


Cool Free Stuff: Two Fingers (Amon Tobin)-101 South (Fanu Remix) (Jungle)

The modern funky-drummer himself, Fanu, has a new download on his Soundcloud page in the form of a sanctioned remix for Two Fingers. As you may well know, Two Fingers is one of Amon Tobin’s aliases, and the track in question, “101 South”, came from his 2012 album Stunt Rhythms. Fanu uses classic sampling techniques to rebuild the break, working primarily with provided samples (and adding in just a touch of 808 towards the end). As both of these guys love drums and percussion, one can only hope they get a chance to collab together in the studio someday. 


Cool Free Stuff: Matt Deco-Sour Flavors (Deep Dubstep)

L.A. bass producer Matt Deco has been getting some recent traction with releases on SMOG, official remixes with Bro Safari and UFO! and a long-running Sub FM podcast. A new track of his titled “Sour Flavors” is a free download on Deep Heads, a UK-based imprint. With its sunlight-drenched melody and rolling drums awash with reverb, the only thing sour about “Sour Flavors” is its release happening at the bitter END of summer (for many of us at least). Check it out below.


Cool Free Stuff: Bicep-Satisfy (John Talabot Remix) (Minimal/Techno)

One of Bicep’s biggest tracks to date, “Satisfy” was the tune that closed countless sets of theirs last year. With a throwback style plucking all of the feel-good elements of 90s techno and trance, coupled with a diva vocal and a breakbeat, its easily one of the best in their repertoire as far as songwriting goes. 

Bicep just put out two official remixes to “Satisfy”, one by Brassica and another by John Talabot. Talabot’s version is quite stripped down, utilizing only select samples as stabs while employing entirely new synths to further explore the dreamy textures of the original. They’re offering for free an alternate version of Talabot’s mix that isn’t on the official release, but sounds quite similar from a far glance. Just sign up for their mailing list on Bandcamp and it’s yours.


Event Review: Mike Hawkins at NAGA: Big Room Option For Small Room Venue

Article & Photos by Bobby DeMarco | Edited by Nick Minieri

When I first signed up to cover Mike Hawkins on for the gig he played last month in Boston, the devil’s advocate part of my personality took over, causing me to ask myself three dreaded questions:

1. “Is he going to only play big room music?”
2. “How many times will he play his “Tsunami” track?”
3. “How many messed up kids will be there?

With the rise in popularity of dance music, it’s naturally become popular for those in the underground to accuse today’s hit-makers of watering down the genre both behind decks and in the studio. So I wanted to see if I could smash through these preconceived notions and disprove he was “just another big room DJ”. And luckily by the end of the night, I wasn’t disappointed.

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Cool Free Stuff: Modec-Cstrd Crm (House/Bass)

Some grooving house from Leeds-based producer Modec. “Cstrd Crm” utilizes the classic formula that consists of swinging TR-909 drums, bumping bass, and a call-and-response between the riff and the vocals. Similar to a lot of modern-day British house it’s got that dark vibe, yet plenty of reinforcement on the low end of the frequency spectrum for the dance floor. Grab it today by “liking” In:flux Audio’s page on Facebook.


Cool Free Stuff: LO'99-Can U (House/Bass)

Some grooving house on a fresh label from down under. LO’99 may be a brand new artist, but the vision as evidenced in “Can U” is nothing but classic: groove, simplicity, and catchiness. Easily ticking all three boxes on this dancefloor-friendly jam, “Can U”’s heavy pads and hollow bass complement each other perfectly, while the 3-word catchphrase filters in and out in unison. And a couple nice build-ups ensure heavy club rotation as well. Free download here.


Cool Free Stuff: Menage a Moi-New Jack Attack LP (House/New Jack Swing)

If you’re looking for a new jack swing bootleg (or thirteen of them) to add to your playlists, today’s your lucky day. Boston-turned-San Francisco transplant Menage a Moi painstakingly spent much of the past several months bringing early 90s hits by the likes of Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, and Bell Biv Devoe up to date, with little more than a modern analog drum machine/sampler and a lifetime love of the sound often attributed to Teddy Riley.

“I just knew that I loved Keith Sweat”, said Menage a Moi in his lengthy thought process behind the compilation. “I even proposed to my wife on stage at one of his concerts in Oakland, CA.” If that isn’t re-assuring enough that revisiting new jack swing wasn’t just a flavor of the month for this guy, I’m not sure what is!

All of these tracks completely re-work thirteen different hits, and interestingly enough rely very little on unprocessed samples from the original versions. This means new drums, new grooves, and new pads; only some of the original vocals remain. In extreme cases, pitched-down versions of the vocals replace the original ones, giving Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” and Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel” a much more sinister feel. 

Menage a Moi will be joining forces with 3 AM Devices label boss Andy Kershaw for a debut live show at Housepitality in San Francisco on September 10th; moving forward they will be play live together as a duo under this guise. Be sure to follow both Menage’s Soundcloud here as well as 3 AM Devices for the best of both worlds.


The Dreaded DJ Bio: Six Tips to Make A Good One

I am happy to announce I had a guest post published on DJ Tech Tools earlier today. It’s a tutorial designed to help DJ’s of all experience levels write or update their bios. Writing it was inspired by a thread I started on Facebook about it earlier this summer which instantly turned into a hot topic with a lot of different opinions. After doing a query on DJTT and realizing a blog on bio writing had yet to be written, I saw a good opportunity. 

Over the past month or two I’ve quietly been brainstorming additional “how to” type posts for DJ’s and producers. Look out for them either on here, or as a guest writer for something bigger!

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