Cool Free Stuff: Mayer Hawthorne-The Stars Are Ours (Detroit Swindle Remix) (House)

Mayer Hawthorne’s 2013 track “The Stars Are Ours” was one of the highlights from his long-player Where Does This Door Go. Co-produced by Pharrell, it was a carefree swinger many compared to Steely Dan, the kicker being how close Hawthorne’s vocals sounded when compared against Donald Fagen’s. Dutch producers Detroit Swindle, currently residing at the top of the underground house scene at the moment, penned an official remix to Stars. It’s a bit different in the sense they stripped the swing, the vocals, and added a piano riff, but it still maintains the upbeat vibe of the original. You can grab it on their Soundcloud as a freebie!


Cool Free Stuff: Tittsworth, Q-Tip & more-After the Dance (House)

Tittsworth is back with a brand new single, bringing on some major firepower in the form of vocals by Q-Tip, Theophilus London and Alison Carney. These days it’s pretty uncommon to try combining rap and house under one roof, which is all the more reason why “After the Dance” is one big pleasant surprise. Q-Tip’s flow is laid back and doesn’t compete against the tempo in the first verse, while London delivers the second with precision plus a slight sense of urgency. Carney handles the chorus and the bridge, tying the piece together nicely. Tittsworth’s soulful sound is easy to lose sight of amidst all the talent packed into these four minutes, but the pads gently roll throughout. Free download on his soundcloud page. 


Ticket Giveaway! Henry Saiz at Rise Afterhours this Friday, 7.18.14

One of the DJ’s and producers currently running the show in Madrid’s underground dance scene is Henry Saiz. Drawing on a variety of influences, Saiz’s musical background reflects the vast array of projects he’s involved with and the different types of venues he’s played at. He’s got the ability to pen a rich, textured progressive house piece…only to turn around and unleash a funky, baseline-driven joint without skipping a beat.  

Saiz’s grasp of everything from nu-disco to progressive, deep house, trance, and minimal techno has ensured him a busy schedule, which is not limited to endless remix requests from artists on the likes of Bedrock Records, Global Underground, Kitsune, and other well-established labels. Strong melodic pads and a palpable ambiance ties all of his work together; a feat not easy to accomplish when your hands are in numerous pies of different flavors.

Saiz plays Rise this coming Friday, alongside L.E.O. opening upstairs and Beartrax, Edward’s Here, and myself downstairs in the lounge. Anyone up to speed on Beartrax knows he holds his own in the studio; the last time I watched him play at Rise his violin also made an appearance! Let’s hope he brings some of that live flavor this time around as well.


Thanks to Rise, we’re doing a ticket giveaway for this show. All you need to do is “like” Beantown Boogiedown and Rise on Facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below. Drawing is 12pm Friday, good luck!

Facebook event page


Ticket Giveaway! DUBCO Presents Sonar with JSTJR at Goodlife, 7.17.14

Local curatorial crew DUBCO is back at it with another showcase showdown at Goodlife this Thursday. Handling deck duty is JSTJR, a name you probably know by now. The guy’s had quite the year so far, amassing hundreds of likers and Soundcloud followers every week, getting tracks signed, touring outside the country, merchandising, and hell even his own custom tweak team. His first show in Boston in a minute now, he’ll be sure to give Goodlife’s subs the same asskicking he gave them at the Zakim party last year.

ABSRDST, Colin Domigan, and Common Notion are all on tap to warm things up. Check their mixes/tunes below, and be on the lookout for a guest podcast mix from Domigan soon here on BBD…as in possibly tomorrow. You heard it here first. 

Anyone up for free tickets? “Like” Beantown Boogiedown and Dubco on Facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below. Winner gets drawn at 12pm the day of the show, so good luck! 

Facebook event invite


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For July 2014

Upcoming Events  

Drop it Open Decks (Kranz) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.15.14
MMMMAVEN Graduation Party @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 7.15.14
Zebbler Encanti Experience Boat Cruise @ 60 Rowes Wharf :: Boston MA :: 7.15.14 (7:30pm)
Zebbler Encanti Experience Boat Cruise Afterparty (Human Experience, Digital Vagabond & Zion) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.15.14
HNDMD (Jaw Jam, Alt-Ok & Dumka) @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 7.16.14
Project Mixx (Don Washington, J.Zamora & KosKos) @ 6B Lounge :: Boston MA :: 7.16.14
Wobble Wednesdays (Kaminada, Supersillyus & Catullus) @ Wonderbar :: Brighton MA :: 7.16.14
Elements (Residents) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.17.14
Make it New (Matthew Dear) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 7.17.14
#LateNightAmiga (Ju Lee, Jay Medina, Jorge Serra & Max Pela) @ O,Sushi :: Cambridge MA :: 7.17.14
Dubco presents Sonar (JSTJR, Absrdst, Colin Domigan & Common Notion) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.17.14
Victor Caldorone & Wil Trahan @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 7.18.14
Freshh Fridays (J.Zamora, KosKos & Sudo) @ O,Sushi :: Cambridge MA :: 7.18.14
Binary/Offbeat Showcase (B3RAO, Alex Villa & Igor Stelea) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.18.14
Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Party (DJ Kon) @ City Hall :: Boston MA :: 7.18.14 (6pm)
Rise Afterhours (Henry Saiz, LEO, Beartrax, Nick Minieri & Edward’s Here) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.18.14
Pico Picante 3-Year (Los Macuanos, Ultratumba, Riobamba & Oxycontinental) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.18.14
Sweet Shop (Roy Davis Jr) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.19.14
Sin-O-Matic (Shivar & Vudu:DJ) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.19.14
Soulelujah (with Brobots) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 7.19.14
Bro Safari & Victor Niglio Boat Cruise :: 200 Seaport Blvd :: Boston MA :: 7.19.14 (6pm)
Rise Afterhours (Christian Arango, Michael Lopiano, Juan D, John Brunno & Esteban Franco) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.19.14
H.O.M.E. (Leo Alarcon Bday Bash) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.20.14
Lost in Boston (Andru, Twistyknobs, Go Yama & Sojobo) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.22.14
Wobble Wednesday (Drop Takeover feat. JSB, Leah V, Dan Harder, Craig Rumble & Dinoblunt) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.23.14
Make it New (Efdemin) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 7.24.14
Elements (Maztek) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.24.14
Tribadelic (Gary Carlow, Pron & Leo Fractaltribe) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.24.14
Boris @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 7.25.14
Social Studies (Mike Simonetti & Kon) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.25.14
Rise Afterhours (Sharooz, The Wig, KiA MAZZi, JSB, Dinoblunt & Craig Rumble) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.25.14
Figment 2014 @ Rose Kennedy Greenway :: Boston MA :: 7.26.14
Josh Milan/DJ Bruno Birthday Bash @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.26.14
Soulelujah (with John Funke) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 7.26.14
Fresh Produce 8-Year (Pete Rock) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.26.14
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Pink Flamingos & Colby Drasher) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 7.26.14
Rise Afterhours (Julian Jeweil, Chris Micali, Jaminic, Asho & Nico) @ Rise :: Boston AM :: 7.26.14
House of Pela (David Castellano, Leo Alarcon, Mystina, Dende, Max Pela & Jorge Serra) @ Naga :: Cambridge MA :: 7.27.14
Table Manners V (Lay-Z-boy, Slipwax, Treeman, Perseus, GI Joe & more) @ Paris St Gallery :: Everett MA :: 7.27.14
Skrillex, What So Not & Milo & Otis @ Bank of America Pavilion :: Boston MA :: 7.29.14
Lost in Boston Presents Table Manners (Menace, Esq., JSB & Treeman) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.29.14
Wobble Wednesday (Dynohunter, Mr. Sampson & KiA MAZZi) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA : 7.30.14
Prok & Fitch @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 7.31.14
Make it New (Shit Robot) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 7.31.14
All Good (Thaddeus Jeffries, PFranchize & Eastman) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.31.14
Elements (Jay Prez Memorial Throwdown) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.31.14 
SITH Boat Cruise (Alan Manzi, Tom Bartlett & Patrick Barry) @ 200 Seaport Blvd :: Boston MA :: 7.31.14

Past Events

Drop it Open Decks (Sketch Rokk) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.1.14 
Solidisco @ Emerald Lounge :: Boston MA :: 7.2.14
Legacy (Amadeezy, Sterling Golden & DazOne) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 7.2.14
Project Mixx (Playground with Aaron Hopkins) @ 6B Lounge :: Boston MA :: 7.2.14
Re:Set (John Barera, Dan Santos & Charles Mazzola) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.2.14
Wobble Wednesdays (Dark City Agent, SwediShef, Flylosophy, GreenLove & Lightblue Labratory) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.2.14
Martinez Brothers @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 7.3.14
#YAASSS (Nate Bluhm) @ Club Cafe :: Boston MA :: 7.3.14
Elements (Sigma) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.3.14
Make it New (Todd Edwards) @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 7.3.14
Technique 16 (Brent Covington & Brian Halligan) @ Technique :: Boston MA :: 7.3.14
High Life (Aimes, Dusty Digital, Chas Bronz & Bogey Bambatta) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.3.14
Resident Evil (Addictive Beats Krew & Kid Prophecy) @ Presidents Rock Club :: Quincy MA :: 7.3.14
All American Boat Cruise (Bamboora & DJ Manna) @ Seaport World Trade Center :: Boston MA :: 7.3.14
Superstition (Chris Ewen) @ Arc :: Boston MA :: 7.4.14
Freshh (KosKos, Sudo & J.Zamora) @ O :: Cambridge MA :: 7.4.14
Nostalgia Throwback Hip Hop Party (Yvng Paul & Paul Michael) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.4.14
Offbeat 4th (B3RAO, Breeazy, Charlie Rouhana, Greg Pic, Matt Carey & Santiago Bohmer) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.4.14
Dirty South @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 7.5.14
DJ Lotusound @ Middle East Corner :: Cambridge MA :: 7.5.14
Heroes (Chris Ewen & Terri) @ TT the Bears :: Cambridge MA :: 7.5.14
Triple Platinum (Frank White, Evaredy & Durkin) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.5.14
Rise Afterhours (Wil Trahan, Randy Deshaies & Mike Swells) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.5.14
Urban Grooves (Manny Underground, Dan Santos & Chris Paul) @ Lilypad :: Somerville MA :: 7.5.14
BLEND (Dan DeSumthn, Hokilla, Baltimoroder, Dende, Mystina, Mike Skillz, Reverence, Sine Language, Harlock, Shimoda & Sean Caron) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.5.14
The Drop (Bamboora & Billy Brown) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.6.14
Lost in Boston (Spundose, Icaro & Asteroids and Earthquakes) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 7.8.14
Nightmares on Wax @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 7.10.14
Make it New (Residents) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 7.10.14
Elements (Alix Perez) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 7.10.14
Lost in Sound (Eelko, Digital Vagabond, Exin & Subcreature) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.10.14
Dusk Till Done Boat Cruise (Patrick Barry, The Wig, Batwings, Daniel Santos & Jeff Farr) @ 200 Seaport Blvd :: Boston MA :: 7.10.14
Serato Internal Mode Demo @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 7.11.14 (7pm)
Janky Donuts Gallery Exhibition (feat. Alan Manzi) @ Lot F :: Boston MA :: 7.11.14
Rise Afterhours (DBMK, !nsomnia, Danielle Dimond, ONEN, Jackie Treehorn & Steppo) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.11.14
Hook N Sling @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 7.12.14
Souleljuah (with Ty Jesso) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 7.12.14
Essence (Bob Diesel, DiViere & Soultroniclove) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 7.12.14
Rise Afterhours (Eddie Martinez & Allan Wilson) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 7.12.14
DJ Deeon, Robert Armani, Dev/Null & Alfredo @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 7.12.14
Party in the Park (M.O.T.H. & Bob Diesel) @ O’Day Park, South End :: Boston MA :: 7.12.14
Jon Hopkins Live @ the Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 7.13.14
H.O.M.E. (Jorge Serra & DJ Ala) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 7.13.14


No Life Vest Required: Destructo Delivers Stellar Set at Prime, Without The Ship

Article & Photos by Bobby DeMarco | Edited by Nick Minieri 

Destructo is a wearer of many hats in the American dance scene: throwing events, partying on boats, DJ’ing, producing, touring, sleeping at airports, you name it. When interviewing him before touching down in Boston on his summer tour, he made it all sound so easy: “(Each task) goes hand in hand…it’s what I do, each job helps each other out, everything just works out,” he told me in calm and collected form. That instilled my confidence in his ability to deliver a killer set right off the bat, which I got the chance to witness at Prime on Friday June 27th.

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Zakim News: New Free Download by Cirrus & Sale on his Vinyl EP

Hope everyone’s been having a good summer so far. My Zakim label has been on short hiatus as I work on lining up the next three releases for the second half of 2014. Got some good stuff in store but wanted to sort you guys out with a freebie while I work on getting the details for those projects finalized.

Every 12” single we’ve released on Zakim thus far has come bundled with at least one free download, EXCEPT the Cirrus 12” from last November. One of my favorite local drum and bass producers at the moment, Cirrus sent me several tracks back in the spring to preview. One of the tracks “Orbit” fit the aesthetic of his “Looking Away/New Path” Zakim EP perfectly, so figured it wouldn’t hurt to get it mastered and put it out there for free!

Orbit’s cornerstone is its squaky-clean half-tempo beat, which is accented with tumbling breaks and Cirrus’s signature aerial pads. It’s as haunting as it is hypnotic, reinforced by a sustained bassline that permeates underneath. 

If you’re digging this track and haven’t picked up Cirrus’s Looking Away/New Path 12” yet, I still have some copies left. I’ve lowered the price to $6 and they’re available on the Zakim Bandcamp page. They’re pressed to clear vinyl and look and sound great! Cop one while it’s still available.

Zakim BandcampZakim SoundcloudZakim FacebookCirrus Soundcloud 


Cool Free Stuff: Zombie Cats-Nazareth (Drum & Bass)

Drum and bass duo Zombie Cats are pretty high on my “new artists to peep in the second half of 2014” list. They burst onto the scene earlier this year with a 12” single on Eatbrain in an unexpected and almost anonymous fashion; they now return with the Must Eat EP and a free download. The free song “Nazareth” has a neurofunk groove, stuttering vocals and a schizophrenic bassline that’s almost impossible to predict. It’s easily on par with the likes of June Miller and Mefjus, the latter of whom is a co-collaborator on a another track from Must Eat. The EP’s gotten some play by DJ Friction on BBC Radio One, so I predict we’ll be hearing more from Zombie Cats in the near future. Follow their soundcloud, as well as their label Eatbrain, for more details. 


Thursday Throwback! DJ Duke-Blow Your Whistle (1993)

You probably recall guys like Armand Van Helden, Kenny Dope, and Louie Vega helping push house into the commercial stream of consciousness in the early 90s, but there were pockets of other producers behind the front lines making an equal amount of impact back then. DJ Duke was a good example. His track “Blow Your Whistle” got serious play both in clubs and on a pre-ClearChannel-dominated FM landscape in 1993-94.  

Ultimately getting a release on FFRR, that one track alone gave him enough traction to release literally hundreds of additional party anthems and remixes throughout the remainder of the decade. And after a ten-year hiatus, the man’s back behind the console again with recent releases on Local Talk and Self Defence. And plenty of unofficial remixes of “Blow Your Whistle” continue to keep this one relevant even 20 years later!


On the Boogiedownload: Mix 080 by Max Pela (Afro House)

At the beginning of 2012 I made a promise to myself I would check at least one recurring dance event around Boston I hadn’t been to before. With minimal difficulty I was not only able to follow through with that resolution, but opened myself up to an entire sound I was unfamiliar with: Afro House. This is thanks to theUhuru Afrika night, one of the first I introduced myself to, which enjoyed a steady run for a couple years at the now-torn down All Asia bar in Cambridge.

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