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Cool Free Stuff: Mefjus, Bowsar & MC Maksim-Primal Instinct (Drum & Bass)

Austrian drum and bass producer Mefjus just hit 30K facebook fans off the strength of dozens of quality releases on well-established labels within the genre such as Critical, Citrus, and Virus. His toughened sound and tortuous basslines are best heard on big systems, an example of which includes “Primal Instinct”, produced in conjunction with Bowsar and MC Maksim. Released for free for hitting the 30K milestone, Maksim’s vocals pierce right through the menacing low frequencies, keeping the listener steadily focused and attentive until the final notes. There’s a pretty cool false ending, where the song fades out then back in again with some hip hop beats, perhaps smatterings of an unused idea that never left the cutting floor until now. Grab this one off Mefjus’ Soundcloud or Facebook pages.


Cool Free Stuff: M.A.N.D.Y. & Julian Ganzer-Japan (Ioakim Sayz Remix) (Tech House)

With the Get Physical crew hitting the all-important milestone of adding their 100,000th follower on Soundcloud, they’ve decided to unleash a free track to the masses (something they rarely do, making it that much more intriguing!) “Japan” was a collab between M.A.N.D.Y. and Julian Ganzer released on this tech house institution in the fall of 2013. Up-and-coming Berlin-based producer Ioakim Sayz’s remix is the free track offered here. What I dig is the only thing shared in common with the original is the drums and the overall groove. Sayz re-works the string section entirely, adding an arpeggio to give it more of a hypnotic feel. Link below.


Featured Mixes: DJ Knife-Strange Brew Vol. 4 (Multi-genre)

Wanna know the sign of an expertly-crafted DJ mix? When you listen to it for the first time thinking it had to have been done in Ableton, then reading the description on Soundcloud and learning it was actually a one-shot deal done straight (no chaser) with just two turntables and a mixer. Like, old school style. Of course when you’re dealing with Boston’s own DJ Knife, they aren’t mixes, they’re brews. And just like he does every single year, Knife manages to execute an hour of intertwining everything from Tensnake to Janet Jackson, Tribe Called Quest, local rockers Gentlemen Hall, Brillz, Crosby Stills & Nash, and oh, hey, why not some vintage Urban Shakedown jungle for some color at the end, right?? Enter Strange Brew volume 4. 

I honestly have no clue how long Knife spends compiling the set lists to these mixes. Considering what I’ve seen him pull off in a live setting, it wouldn’t surprise me if none of it was even pre-meditated, which must get tougher as each installment of Strange Brew really does fall further off the rocker. Must be a Utica thing (but don’t tell anyone that’s where Knife’s originally from, but it’s ok if you tell everyone my grandparents were as well). 

So yeah, there’s some nice jams on this mix. Lots of custom edits which I’m sure Knife dug the digital abyss known as Soundcloud to source. His hands probably weren’t quite as dusty by doing it online, but he didn’t have to deal with the snark of a typical record store owner either….Soundcloud’s pretty hassle-free these days. 

Knife also generally plays whatever flavor in EDM is currently hot at the moment towards the end of these mixes; in other words if you were expecting to hear some trap you came to the right place. Might need to go back a volume or two for dubstep. But there’s also some jungle that follow the trap, a pleasant surprise! Overall this is quite a colorful listening experience, and something not every DJ can pull off. So hats off to the man who helps hold down Goodlife and the long-running Fresh Produce jams.

There will be an official CD release party for Strange Brew 4 at, you guessed it, Goodlife this Thursday! In addition to the man himself, 7L and Braun Dapper will be in the building to lend a hand on deck duty. Facebook event info here.


Cool Free Stuff: Redlight-C.A.S.S.I.E. (Bass/House)

I’ve admittedly been sleeping on the jams UK house producer Redlight’s been dropping over the last year or two, but am digging this recent bootleg he just posted to his Soundcloud page of “Me & U” by Cassie. More a DJ tool than a standalone track, Redlight leaves Cassie’s soulful voice unchanged while reinforcing it with heavyweight steel drums beneath. Sparse pads and a timestretched “jungle massive” stab at the midway point (perhaps a nod to his drum and bass heyday when he was Clipz?) are added in for good measure. Grab it today.


Ticket Giveaway! Kasra @ Elements, 4.17.14

If you listen to drum and bass and live in Boston, you probably already know what’s going down this Thursday at Elements. If you don’t, here’s the scoop: There are currently five record labels running shit in all of drum and bass right now: RAM, Hospital, Metalheadz, Dispatch, and Critical. Kasra is the founder of Critical and a man of impeccable curatorial skills. Thanks in no small part to the success of the Underground Sonics various artist compilation he released in January, both Kasra and Critical are enjoying a big year so far. You can expect him to rep the artists on his label to the fullest when he makes his Boston debut later this week. 

Focusing less on getting his name plastered all over party fliers and 12” singles and more on developing the careers of the artists he takes under his wing, Kasra’s even-handed approach to the way he runs Critical is likely the reason why this shop has been in business for twelve years now. Running a niche label is no small task; most drum and bass imprints fold in less than half Critical’s current lifespan.

Critical’s focus on the refined, more technical sounds of drum and bass has drawn fans and DJ’s alike since the beginning. Helping launch the careers of a vast portfolio of artists including Dub Phizix, Break, Ivy Lab, Icicle, Breakage, Calibre, and Rockwell, Critical’s resume is nothing to joke about. With connections like that, expect an upfront set that will appease even the fussiest of listeners while keeping the casual crowd moving from start to finish.

Thanks to Elements, we’re giving away a free pair of tix to this show. All you need to do is “like” Beantown Boogiedown on facebook, and leave your name and email in the comments section below. Drawing at 9am this Thursday, good luck!

Facebook event page


On The Boogiedownload: Mix 075 by DJ 4LMNTZ (Metal, Drum & Bass & Electro)

I’m pretty convinced one of the hardest-working dudes in Boston’s electronic scene right now is Justin Loranger, aka DJ 4LMNTZ. I first met this guy at the IDentity Festival in mid 2012; at the time he was donning this beat-up neon green signature-filled T-shirt that one of the guys from Noisia was about to sign following his gig.

Click here to read more and check out the mix!


Cool Free Stuff: Killer Kowalski-I Don't Care (Trap)

Killer piece of music brought to my attention courtesy of the MMMMAVEN guys, who recently added it to their soundcloud feed. Killer Kowalski is a hip hop and trap producer who hails from our own backyard right here in Boston. One of the strongest tracks from his page is easily “I Don’t Care”, an infectiously-funky jam with a show-stealing female vocal that clocks in around 140 bpm. With its heavy incorporation of sultry pad stabs, “I Don’t Care” is a trap beat the way J.Dilla would’ve wanted it to sound: soulful, down-to-earth, and familiar without becoming generic. Check out this dude’s soundcloud page for other free downloads of original and remix work!


Crate Exploratory: Mateo & Matos-Everybody's (1998 House)

Not everyone can lay claim to witnessing disco’s heyday in the late 70s, and actually participating in the fledgling house scene in the mid 80s. Mateo & Matos most definitely can however; this duo helped bring one of Chicago’s best exports to New York City during a time when you couldn’t just go on the Internet and discover new music or movements at the click of a mouse.

Mateo & Matos-Everybody’s (1998 House) from beantownboogiedown on Vimeo.

With literally hundreds of releases and remixes under their belt that span three decades, it’s easy for any one Mateo & Matos track to get lost in the shuffle of such a long resume. But a track like “Everybody’s” provides a nice cliff note of their vision and aesthetic. It encompasses the rhythmic flourishes of disco with funky bass fills and string sections that evolve with each passing bar. It also encompasses the classic, no-frills elements of house: pounding drums, vocal stabs, and plenty of breathing room for the DJ to ride the track for extended periods.  

Similar to most timeless house tracks, it’s tough to even tell “Everybody’s” came out in 1998. It could easily have been 10 years beforehand or afterward and I’d be straight-up fooled.


Cool Free Stuff: Willy Joy-Geeks (Trap)

Almost in time for festival season comes Willy Joy’s big debut on Fool’s Gold: a Soundcloud freebie titled “Geeks”. As fitting is it might sound, I totally wasn’t expecting it to be centered around pill-munching sounds from Pac-Man coupled with laser trance synths, but that sort of randomness is what I’ve always loved about this Brooklyn flagship. And it’s pretty tough to not like the swing-out section at 1:45 either. Who ever said trap had to be formulaic?


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For April 2014

Upcoming Events 

Avicii @ TD Garden :: Boston MA :: 4.10.14
DJ Midas @ Presidents Rock Club :: Quincy MA :: 4.10.14
Beat Surge (J-Holla & Kerry Q) @ An Tain :: Boston MA :: 4.10.14
Make it New (Deadbeat) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.10.14
Elements (Subreaper) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.10.14
Release (DJ Savuth & Tony Touch) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.10.14
PVRPLE (DJ Spinz, Jay K, Jfresco & Amadeezy) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.10.14
Jive (Lord Justice, Audio Prophecy & [cosinzero] @ Church :: Boston MA :: 4.10.14
ETC!ETC!, OOKAY, Rowah & Choppa Dunks @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 4.10.14
Eclipse (Arcrunner & Dirge) @ Arc :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14
Chus & Ceballos, Gino Santos @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14
TGIF (Kranz, Jaminic & NiteKrawla) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14 
Rise Afterhours (Ju-Lee, Eli Wilkie, Smeed & Suspence) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14
Squinto: Inside the Sound (Production Seminar) @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 4.11.14 (6pm)
Trouble & Bass Label Takeover (UNIIQU3, Star Eyes & Doctor Jeep) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14
Wonderland/1Up! Unofficial PAX East Afterparty (Jaypool, Eludis, Stegga, Pengwar) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.11.14
Will Sparks @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.12.14
ManRay Reunion (Chris Ewen) @ Paradise :: Brighton MA :: 4.12.14
CLOVD (Tony Quattro & Bogey Bambatta) @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 4.12.14
Fractaltribe Presents Subculture (Living Light, Hypogeo, Florian MSK, Radioactive Sandwich, Spacey Koala & more) :: Location TBD (must RSVP) :: 4.12.14
RJD2 @ Paradise Rock Club :: Brighton MA :: 4.13.14
Drop it Open Decks (DJ Dig Doug) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.15.14
Lost in Boston (Digital Vagabond, EXIN, Asteroids & Earthquakes) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.15.14
Hardwell @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.16.14
Mr. Carmack & DJEMBA DJEMBA @ Naga :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.14
AN21, Max Vangeli, Third Party & Qulinez @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.16.14
Re:Create (Phil Weeks, CS & Matt McNeill) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.14
Crush! Boston (Mutrix, Singularity & Shiftee) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.16.14
Wobble Wednesdays (KJ Sawka, Digital Connection, Perileyes & Green Love) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.16.14
Swanky Tunes @ Whiskey Saigon :: Boston MA :: 4.17.14
Mustard Pimp & RUN DMT @ Rumor :: Boston MA :: 4.17.14
Elements (Kasra) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.17.14
Strange Brew (DJ Kon, 7L, Sober, Braun Dapper & Knife) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.17.14
Decade New Jack Swing Night (DJ ABD, Inkognito & Paul Foley) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.17.14
Chris Lake @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.18.14
Rise Afterhours (Bamboora & Richard Fraoli) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.18.14
Pico Picante (The Large & Salivation Army) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.18.14
JSTJR & Friends (G-Buck, Choppa Dunks & Yung Travolta) @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.18.14
Applying Music Theory for Electronic Music Composition w/Danny Kutty @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 4.18.14
DJ Lotusound @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.19.14
D-Lux, Kranz & Jaminic @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.19.14
BAESIDE (ABD & Bianca Oblivion) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.19.14
Sweet Shop (DJ W!LD, CS & Matt McNeill) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.19.14
Sin-O-Matic Military Fetish Party (Shivar & Nemesis) @ Machine :: Boston MA : 4.19.14
Utopia Past Present & Future (Warriors of Africa) @ Paris St Gallery :: Everett MA :: 4.19.14
Rise Afterhours (Coyu, Patrick Barry, Jordan Martin, Danny Santos & Batwings) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.19.14
Rise Afterhours (Bamboora, Richard Farioli, Jaminic & more) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.20.14
Desperate Housevibes (Iz & Diz, Caseroc & Randy Deshaies) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.20.14
Lost in Sound (Residents) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.22.14
Koan Sound & Minnesota @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 4.22.14
The Orb @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 4.23.14
Re:Set (James Holden) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.23.14
Vibe Wednesdays (Craig Rumble, Mung Bandit & Dinoblunt) @ Spotlight Tavery :: Beverly MA :: 4.23.14
Monk Party (CSC, Bianca Oblivion, Brizgnar, Kari Faux & Blackmask) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.23.14
Elements (Survival) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.24.14
Make it New (Timo Maas) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.24.14
Thursday Throwback Disco Party @ Vincents Nightclub :: Randolph MA :: 4.24.14
Dirty South @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.25.14 
Joel Fletcher @ Julep Bar :: Boston MA :: 4.25.14
TGIF (B3RAO & Kranz) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 4.25.14
Social Studies (Kenny Dope) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.25.14
Rise Afterhours (Alan Manzi, Baltimoroder, John Barera & Nick Minieri) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.25.14
DADT Throwback Party (Colby Drasher) @ Great Scott :: Allston MA :: 4.26.14
Rise Afterhours (Markantonio, Michael Loipano & more) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.26.14
Lost in Boston (Durkin, Zola & Nick Garcia) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.29.14
Kaskade @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.30.14
Chromeo @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.30.14
Afterglow (Vinyl Blight, [cosinzero] & ArcRunner) @ ZuZu :: Cambridge MA :: 4.30.14

Past Events  

Drop It Open Decks (Harlock) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.1.14
Lost in Boston (Living Light, Icaro & Artemis) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.1.14
Deep Thoughts (Record Store) First Anniversary Celebration :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 4.1.14
Underground Lounge (Jaminic, JD Debris, Bodek & Qwill) @ Opus Underground :: Salem MA :: 4.1.14
Groove Think Night #1 (Keith Kusterer, The Goods, Billy Wine & Matt Gavris) @ Lizard Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.1.14
Open Mic Wednesdays (Mike Kerr & Thomas Anello) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.2.13
Beat Surge (J-Holla) @ An Tain :: Boston MA :: 4.3.14
Elements (Friction) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.3.14
Make it New (Eats Everything) @ Middlesex Lounge :: Cambridge MA :: 4.3.14
Ultraviolet White (Rabbit Revolution, Glowkids & Fuse & more) @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.3.14
Spring Fever (D’Cipher, Flyrydas, P.Banga, Tony Blizza, Ace Da Truth, Stix & OOOhjay) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 4.3.14
Blasterjaxx @ Prime :: Boston MA :: 4.4.14
Lee Burridge & Bedouin @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 4.4.14
Binary Wuki, Uncle Bob & Mikey Maags @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.4.14
MIXXX DJ Software Demo @ MMMMaven HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 4.4.14 (6pm)
Rise Afterhours (Ronski Speed, Andski, Waldo & Brrio) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.4.14
Goldfish & Drunken Doja Monkey @ Middle East Downstairs :: Cambridge MA :: 4.4.14
Wonderland Blade (Techncn, Bermanji, Damien Paul & Serge) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.4.14
Eclectricity: Dusk Til Dawn (Fat Aztec, Goods, Kranz, Patrick Barry, Don Fochi & Eelko) @ Inner Sanctum Studios :: Roxbury MA :: 4.4.14
CSC Presents Fourplay (Alix Alvarez) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA : 4.5.14
The Indobox (Speakerbot, Smeed & Suspence) @ Brighton Music Hall :: Allston MA :: 4.5.14
Rise Afterhours (Keith John, BearTrax, Sarah Ikerd & SavageTusk) @ Rise :: Boston MA :: 4.5.14
Blend Boston (Kevin Saunderson, DJ SS, Digga Buckshot, Bruno, Tom B. ILL, Josiah Scribes, Brenden Wesley, Jamie O’Sullivan, Leo Alacron, Sean Caron, Sketch Rokk & Cata) @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.5.14
The Drop & Breakers Paradise (Mafia Kiss, Fig & Kerry Q) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.6.14
Drop it Open Decks @ Machine :: Boston MA :: 4.8.14
Excess 4 Year Anniversary (Arcrunner & Dirge) @ Underbar :: Boston MA :: 4.8.14
Gallery (Will Martin, Brenden Wesley & Matty Gavris) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 4.8.14
Lost in Boston (Prism, Dennison Blackett, M. Rivera & Eddy M) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 4.8.14
Just Blaze, Voltran & Dan Harder @ Naga :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.14
Shpongle & Desert Dwellers @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 4.9.14
Re:Set (Leon Vynehall & Randy Deshaies) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 4.9.14