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Dirtybird/Claude Von Stroke, Tanner Ross & Soul Clap crew @ Rise, 6.26.09!

This is going to be an awesome event. I think most of you know who Claude VonStroke is by now, but in case you need a refresher, this guy is probably the most prolific house/tech house producer in the United States right now. He's the man behind Dirtybird Recordings, which is responsible for having a very distinct tech-funk-house sound. Dirtybird has only been in existence since 2005 and has already become a buy-on-sight label for many fans and dj's, something that can easily take 10+ years for many record labels to accomplish. Claude VonStroke's two most well known songs are probably The Whistler and Who's Afraid of Detroit, which are embedded in the videos below. (The Whistler video below is actually a video of him playing live in Boston 3 years ago!) He just released a Fabric Live mix cd; a testament to his success as a producer. And Dirtybird labelmate Tanner Ross is also playing, he's one of Boston's biggest producers at the moment! Check out his Airdrop podcast from a few months ago here. Also on tap in the lounge are Jay Prouty, Booster, Brent G, and Wheels/D-Lux. Going to be a great night for sure, check out the Rise site for more details! Respect to Soul Clap and Rise for making this happen.


Here are a few links to download a few of VonStroke's recent EPs:

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