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Interview With House Producer Jesse Rose, Who Headlines Rise This Weekend (10.8.11)

Jesse Rose is one of the hardest working names in house. For the past five years, this guy has been putting out releases on a huge array of well-known labels, from Dirtybird to Get Physical, by way of Man Recordings, Freerange, and Made To Play. Jesse’s output is about as varied as the imprints that distribute his music to the masses, tied together with one common thread: his love of vintage house and techno.

Although he resides in Berlin, Jesse constantly tours the world. Luckily for us, he has time for Boston. He’ll be passing through this coming Saturday at RISE (36 Stuart St). You can expect to hear a great deal of tunes form his “Made 4 The Night” compilation, a collection of originals, remixes, and edits Jesse has engineered over the years. Remix work for Armand Van Helden, Claude Von Stroke, and Hot Chip, along with a Pete Tong Essential Mix several years ago, also make good small talk for his resume. 

Made for the Night 10 minute Preview by jesseroseofficial

I actually had a chance to get a quick Q&A in with Jesse over email to help promo the night at RISE. Here’s what he had to say in regards to how he produces, what influences him, and some more tidbits!

Nick: I notice you’ve been collabing with a lot of other producers as of recent (i.e. Riva Starr, Round Table Nights, Cats-N-Dogz, etc.) Do you work with these guys remotely, where you kick stems and project files back and forth online, or do you work with them in person?

Jesse: I guess every collaboration is different, with Riva he sent me some stuff and I finished the track. With Henrik Schwarz for our Black Rose project we normally always work in the studio together, as it’s all about vibes. with Hot Chip it changes every time. Every person or group you work with is different, the most important thing on collaborating is that you respect the people you’re working with, otherwise it will never work.

Nick: There definitely seems to be a consistency in your work that nods back to both Chicago and Detroit, circa 1980-85. The first track of yours I heard was in 2006, a tune you did with Jimpster on Freerange called “Now I’m Ready”. Would you say that your sound and influences have changed a lot since then? 

Jesse: Nope, I started djing in the days of Detroit techno, Chicago & New York house but have always been influenced by everything going on outside of house especially new styles that come up from London like grime, 2-step, drum & bass; these were the sounds I grew up on.

Nick: I know you’ve been producing for a long time. Any advice you would like to give to someone who is just getting started, and wants to do this for a living?

Jesse: Get ready for a long ride, it was nearly ten years after I started djing that I started touring the world. Then when I thought it would be less work it became lots more, but if you love what you do it all seems to make sense. Right now it seems like the best thing to do as a new artist is to release an album on the Internet for free. Make you’re own YouTube videos and get a following, then people will come to you and life should be easier.

Nick: What city have you not visited /performed in yet that is at the top of your bucket list?

Jesse: Hmmmm that’s a hard one. I still haven’t been to Iceland and I always wanted to go there. Also, somewhere like Peru, which I heard is great.

Nick: Do you have any upcoming projects in the cooker you’re able to tell us about?

Jesse: There always seems to be like 20 things going on. Right now I’m getting ready to release the first “Made For The Night” compilation via our new label. It should be released in the states late October and am currently touring a lot for that. I just remixed Metronomy and am hopefully gonna be finished on my next solo album very soon, am excited about that. Also look out for a free remix of “Well Now 2.0” which I’m about to chuck onto the Internet.

Jesse Rose - Essential Mix - 01-02-2009 by R_co

Party goes from 1-6am, Jesse plays upstairs, Ryan Obermiller & Tom Bartlett in the lounge. $10/members, $20/guests.

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