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IDM Producer Andrei Heyoka Returns To Music Ecology, Allston, 10.4.11

For those of us who were less fortunate (or too old) to make it to Burning Man last month, consider yourself lucky. You still get a chance to witness one of the most talked-about breakthrough performers flex his production muscle right in our dust-free backyard! Heyoka played at Music Ecology (Wonderbar, 186 Harvard Ave, Allston) back in March, but he’s been working on a lot of new music since then.

I’m not even going to bother trying to classify him under a single genre outside of IDM. The man dabs in everything from hip hop, downtempo, breakbeats, glitch, and of course dubstep. (Everybody’s doing dubstep, so why can’t he? Especially considering the fact he does it proper.) $10 cover.

Soundcloud mini-mix below for a taste test.

Heyoka - Intergalactic carnival minimix by Heyoka

Take a gander at what the Music Ecology guys have coming up for the rest of October as well. Elements resident Lenore is playing next week, Jeff Bujak and D.V.S. closing out the month.