BBD Podcast Series: Mix 092 by DJ Zoses (Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass, Etc)

Note: I’ve been a bit slack with posting BBD podcast mixes people have been sending me, and for that I apologize. Let me start by giving DJ Zoses’ mix a proper write-up. He recorded this one for the blog several months ago; I quietly uploaded it to my mixcloud page but completely spaced on giving it a proper write-up. Following this I have 3 other mixes on the docket I need to release, and I’m going to try to get at least one of them uploaded today before I leave for Movement fest this weekend.

What’s great about DJ’ing nowadays is being versatile is more fashionable than ever before. Coming up in the vinyl age when you were panned as a “jack-of-all-trades” if you played anything outside the microcosm of a single sub-genre, the way many curate music in 2015 is like a breath of fresh air. Take Boston’s own DJ Zoses for example. A recent upstart willing to simply play “good music” instead of genres, Zoses has no problems navigating through myriads of tempos, straight and broken beats, vocals and instrumentals, and anthems and obscure slow-burners alike. 

Zoses not only presents us with a versatile set in his BBD podcast mix, but also one where he hesitates very little and opts not to tip toe around the switch-ups. The first ten minutes open on the deep dubstep tip, before rounding the corner to glitch-hop territory for the next half hour. As the mix winds around a number of risky-yet-effective tempo switch-ups before returning to heavier dubstep territory, it’s clear Zoses tries to throw listeners for a loop and keep them guessing what’s going to happen next. The final twenty minutes close with drum and bass. 

Another interesting thing to note here is where he sources the material he uses in his mixes. Instead of traditional record shops or Beatport, Zoses showcases primarily up-and-coming artists here, sourcing their work (in the form of free downloads) on Soundcloud. Not only are many of the artists (specifically in the glitch-hop section) stateside, but Zoses also incorporates a number of familiar faces to the Boston area such as Darko, Cirrus, and local alumni Doctor Jeep and Wheez-ie. DJ’ing is all about not playing what’s hot right now, but what you think might be hot six months from now. And in this case, Zoses aces his detective work with flying colors.

Hope you enjoy! Follow him on Soundcloud for more recent mixes he’s done, including a live set he played at Wonderbar several months ago.

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 092: DJ Zoses (Future Bass) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud


Darko - Beak Salad
The Digital Connection - Sahara
Konvex, Deafblind, Baitface - Badmind Breed (Original Mix)
Vandera - Carbon 11 (Original)
Nomine - Enma (Original Mix)
Ruckspin, Planas, Levallian - Steppin (Original Mix)
Globular - Through The Eyes Of Time
Hedflux & Grouch - Reverse Entropy (Hedflux Remix)
Supersillyus - Bananotechnology (Yheti Remix)
Akasha Experience - Soul Circus (Original Mix)
Akasha Experience - Soul Circus (Landswitcher Remix)
Perkulat0r - Crushmode ft. WET PAiNT
Spoken Bird - Madrugada
Bluetech - Oleander
Rob-o-Tek - The Good Part (CloZee Remix)
Rob-o-Tek - The Good Part (Otist Reading Remix)
Digital Rust - Bobble (Original Mix)
Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (The Widdler Remix )
Elephant In The Room - Breathe
opiuo  - Snorkle (Posij Remix)
Wheez-ie - The Box Of Sorrows
Doctor Jeep - Skeptical x Tinashe - Ancient On
Modemellow  - Z107 (Original Mix)
Cirrus - Wind Like This (Original Mix)
Arkaik - Wax VIP
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping (Original Mix)
NC-17, Soulculture - War Master (Original Mix)
Prolix, MC Coppa - Kick Off feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
Mr. Bill & Stickybuds - Hard, But Fair 


On the Boogiedownload: Mix 091 by The Mad Mauritian (Drum & Bass)

Chris Narainen aka The Mad Mauritian is no stranger to Boston’s underground music scene. A drummer by trade, thousands of partygoers have witnessed The Mad Mauritian laying down rhythms behind his kit as part of Blue Boy ProductionsThe Chroma ConceptVinalJazzfirstPsychic Spies, and Lord Almighty. With a resume equally as vast as the number of styles these acts encompass, this man knows a good rhythm. And he also knows when to experiment and when to go by the books.

Outside of being an in-demand drummer, The Mad Mauritian also DJ’s just like the rest of us. And while a demanding schedule witnesses him bring drumsticks into clubs far more frequently than USB sticks, The Mad Mauritian can definitely hold it down on the decks. 

For the BBD podcast The Mad Mauritian opted to go the drum and bass route, a natural decision considering complex rhythms at unconventional temples are his forte. A balanced mix that intertwines liquidfunk and techstep, he draws for titles that range anywhere from fresh cuts to “Silicon”, Noisia’s very first release way back in 2003. Bootlegs of popular numbers like Makoto & Specialist’s remix of MJ’s “Human Nature” and Chris.SU’s version of Bjork’s “All is Full of Love” add familiar context to give the mix accessibility outside of just the heads. Nothing is overdone here; in fact it’s safe to say his discipline as a drummer shines in his role as a DJ too.

Outside of drumming and DJ’ing you can also catch The Mad Mauritian teaching percussion lessons and serving as a band director at the School of Rock in Boston, as well as helping promote one-off events withMusic Ecology. That’s a pretty hectic schedule, and with the speed this guy operates at, it’s only fitting that he needs his drum and bass fix on the side!

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 091: The Mad Mauritian (Drum & Bass) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud

Makoto: Spinning
Dreadzone: Zion Youth (Brazil Remix)
Icicle: Klickstep
State of Mind: Nighttide (Incognito Remix)
Michael Jackson: Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix)
EBK: Everybody
Upbeats & Noisia: Clamber
Freeze: Calm Your Ego
Dose: Abandoned
Makoto: Lalique
Mzine & Scepticz: Dejected
Sobersoul: To Love
Fade: Falling Lines
Noisia: Silicon
Jay Mythix: Forsaken (Mystic State Remix)
M-Zine & Sceptiz: Point of No Return
Black Sun Empire & Eye-D: Brainfreeze
Teddy Killerz: New Drums
Monolith: VIP
Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo: Three of a Kind
NC17 & KC: Zombi
Zero T & Script: Teller
Place2B: Receptor
Ink & J.Dub: The Watcher
Makoto & Heavy 1: Waterline
Bjork: All is Full of Love (Chris.SU Remix)
Zero T & Riya: Truth Hurts
Nick Modern: Past Tense  


On the Boogiedownload: Mix 090 by Lucius Natick (Drum & Bass)

New year, new podcast mix. Lucius Natick is an up-and-coming drum and bass DJ based out of central Mass who laid down the groundwork for the first BBD podcast of 2015. He pitched to me the idea of a concept mix pulling together songs from the heavier spectrum of the genre mixed in double-time with some of his favorite hip hop acapellas. I quickly warmed up to the idea for its nostalgic merit, as I used to partake in the same formula of mixing rap with jungle in my fledgling days of making mixtapes a decade-and-a-half ago. And a lot of other kids from the 90s were doing the same.

An ambitious romp with a wingspan of over 40 cuts, Natick’s resulting mix reminds us the mash-up is alive and well ten years beyond its prime. Especially with a program like Ableton Live, which makes the art of remixing and re-editing more fluid and organic than ever before. “Because I have Live, a lot of people immediately assume I’m a producer, which I’m actually not,” said Natick when discussing his approach to putting together sets like this one. “My setup is actually simplistic; I tried to re-create a three-deck CDJ layout (with send and insert effects for each individual deck) within Live.” 

Now keep in mind Natick isn’t re-inventing the wheel here; he’s mostly layering acapellas over a rapid sequence of over ten years worth of bangers by Noisia, Billian, Evol Intent, Tech Itch, and Current Value. Many of these mash-ups are contained to the first half, easing a first-time listener into the flurry of amens by way of 90s FM radio staples Nas, Mobb Deep, even Beck and Soul Coughing. The second half is not at all for the faint of heart, so if the front side isn’t doing it for you then there’s unfortunately no hope. I’ll have a house or trance podcast for you soon don’t worry.

Natick is dead set on his preferences towards the bleaker, more aggressive side of drum and bass. “Many stateside DJ’s prefer liquid or jump-up drum and bass; when a limited range of styles dominate the local scene you come to expect certain sounds when you go to a show,” he explained. “As a DJ I hope to take that been there done that feeling, turn it on its head, and fuck it sideways…in outer space.” If uniqueness is Natick’s goal, he’s definitely succeeded here!

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 090: Lucius Natick (Drum & Bass/Hip Hop) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud

Evol Intent - Cruise Control
Dom & Roland vs. Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Signature Soundwall
Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion (VIP)
Soul Coughing - Rolling (Hoyden’s Harem Edit)
Dom & Roland - Thunder
Tech Itch & Don Davis - The Real
Noisia - Running Blind
Dom & Roland vs. Beastie Boys - Remember What’cha Want
Dom & Roland vs. Mobb Deep - Rollstar To The Grave
Thomas Krome - Shockabuku Voluma 2A (The Sect Remix)
Donny - Ten Tonne Hammer
Breakage vs. Mobb Deep, Big Noyd & Nas - Drowning Fast
Evol Intent & Noisia - Long Gone
Ice Minus - Jabba
Gremlinz & Ahmad vs. GZA - Nibiru Labels
Paradox - No Consensus
Beck - Hollywood Freaks
Ryme Tyme - Judgement Day
Mobb Deep - Trife Life
Optical - To Shape The Future
Katharsys - Storm Of Light
Counterstrike - Maniac (Nanotek Remix)
Billain - Colossus
Spor & Evol Intent & Ewun & Apex - Dirge
The Upbeats - Corposant
Noisia - Oh Oh
seNsiX - Morphic Field vs. Meat Beat Manifesto - I Got The Fear (The Opus Remix)
White Zombie vs. Evol Intent - Glock Sunshine
Limewax - Icicle
Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix - Hoyden’s Harem Edit)
dgoHn - Elle
Silent Witness & Break - Don’t Rush It
Meshuggah - Obzen
Katharsys - Life’s A Bitch
Evol Intent - Suicide (Eye-D Remix)
KillBreak - Supremacy Bleeds (Counterstrike Duomix)
Current Value - You Need A Therapist (VIP)
Mind Killa - Deathtrap


On the Boogiedownload: Mix 089 by Bianca Oblivion (Bass/140-180 bpm)

HEYYYY KIDS! Are you interested in hearing over 40 tracks you probably haven’t heard before seamlessly blended in a 45 minute DJ mix? What if I told you there were about 10 different genres in this mix? I shouldn’t have to pitch it any harder than that, but in case you still aren’t sold, we’ve got Bianca Oblivion on tap for our latest installment of the BBD podcast.

If you’re familiar with the downtown Boston club scene you’ve probably crossed paths with Bianca at least once over the past year since she moved here from LA. She’s pretty versatile with what she plays, and this mix only marquees a small part of the picture. Not afraid to set the musical landscape to any environment, Bianca plays everywhere from standard clubs and bars to restaurant patios, art exhibitions, raves, house parties, live radio, bowling alleys, produce departments at the grocery store, car dealerships, the RMV, you name it. She’s on it. Bianca will always find the right song to move the right ass at the right place at the right time. Or something like that.

Like any major city, Boston’s not an easy place to get booked as a DJ in an egregiously saturated scene. But Bianca spent months doing her homework before choosing Boston to attend grad school (don’t ask me how she manages to study around her gig schedule). She knew Goodlife was one of the hotter spots in the underground scene downtown, and getting involved with the right people there began to open doors for her. Her versatility is a fresh breath of air in a world still dominated by sub-genre specialization. Bianca is nominated for “Best Local DJ” in the Boston Music Awards this year, so it’s pretty evident she’s made some waves for herself in just over a year. Hopefully she’ll stick around town after she finishes up her degree this spring.

So anyways, the mix. Instead of opening things up with obvious anthems, Bianca kicks off the first few tracks with some UK bassline house from 2007-08. Sonically it goes bananas from there, jumping all over the Americas from Jersey club, to some so-crunk beats from Atlanta, ghetto-tech from Detroit, juke from Chicago, ragga from Jamaica, and tropical from Latin America. Not much in the way of Baltimore club, but I’ll let is slide just this once, promise. Seriously though, there’s a lot of dope stuff going on here. Try not to blink.

Big shout-out to Bianca for recording this; I have a feeling it will be one of the more popular mixes we’ve showcased on BBD. Follow her Facebook page and Soundcloud for details on upcoming shows she’s playing, of which there will be plenty!  

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 089: Bianca Oblivion (Bass/140-180 bpm) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud

Zulu vs. T2 - Bodybroken (Steak House Mashup)
Tapepack - Big Dipper Flex (A1 Bassline Remix)
DJ Q ft. MC Bonez - You Wot (Wideboys Bassline Remix)
Timbah - Thunder Clacks (Tony Quattro Remix)
DJ Marfox - Drift Furioso
Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill - So Sophisticated (Hoodie Trap Bubbing VIP)
Chuckie - Latin Feeling (Rajeev Gualtiero Bubbling Trap Remix)
Aidonia - Pon Di Cocky (Morrison’s Shoutout to DJ Moortje Remix)
Nikes x Lefty x MoonDoctor - $mokin Ha$h
Ghost Town DJ’s - My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)
DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick - Ride It, Shake It
Soundmaster T - Ride Out
Fannypack - Pump That
Enchante - Body N Mind w/ Paul B. Davis
Rizzla & False Witness - Baile Tra
Mister Ries - Tire A Camisa
Tyga - Lap Dance (JWLS Bootleg)
N*E*R*D* - Everyone Nose (BASS ILL EURO Juke Remix)
Top Billin - Tell Your Girl To Juke It Up
??? - Juke Wit Me
Chi Boogie - Pop, Shake, Jit
Murder Mark - Ass is Phat/Big Boob Bitch (Sushi Samson Juke-leg)
Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Ben Aqua)
Jonny MegaByte - Out In the Streets
DJ Fresh vs. Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique - Earthquake (SaBBo Edit)
DJ Spin - Bounce and Break Yo Back (Mega Mike Remix)
Mister Ries - Hands Up (Instrumental Mix)
Don Yute - Sexiest
Mz Bratt - Selecta (Mike G 2k13 Edit)
Rich Boy - Throw Some D’s Væpors Remix)
Drake - Trophies (Lakim Remix)
Soul Boy x Benzi x Rashad - Crank Dat (Juke Jams Remix)
Supraman - Twerk My Back
Schlachthofbronx - That G String Track
Doctor Jeep - Badman
Congo Natty - UK Allstars (Congo Natty Meets Benny Page - Radio Edit)
Munchi - Shottas (A Tribe Called Red “Soca Core” Remix)
Taso - Droga de Diseño (ft. El Coleta)
Taso - Bambamkilla
KorgBrain - Higher (Big Dope P Remix)
UGK - International Players Anthem (eSenTRIK Remix)


On the Boogiedownload: Mix 088 by General Motor (House)

If your DJ name is General Motor, chances are: A) you’re American, and B) you’ve been bailed out. I suppose for Boston’s Gareth Middlebrook (aka General Motor), at least one half of this theory is true…and no, not the getting arrested part. General Motor is a very familiar face at just about every proper underground party and venue in this city, and has long held down his post with the Together and MMMMAVEN crews. I’ve worked with him for many years through both of these outlets, so it’s great to finally have him aboard the podcast series.

General Motor and I first met back when the Enormous Room in Cambridge was still a thing. Partaking in the sounds of the brooding dubstep and dark garage of the late ‘oughties, he first cut his teeth as a resident DJ at Vice-T’s monthly Left Turn. Fast forward a few years and now he teaches other people how to DJ right across the street from the now sadly defunct Mass Ave venue. General Motor’s courses are not only very well received, but I’ve heard a number of mutual friends say he’s particularly gifted at teaching young kids. He’s come a long way in five years.

The podcast mix General Motor assembled is a very well-paced mixture of house, acid, and bass. Many of the tracks are heavily UK-influenced, with the likes of Presk, Justin Martin, and Shadow Child keeping subwoofers  massaged with 808s and 909s while a Pearson Sound remix is the closest thing that ties back into the type of tracks he used to play in his nascent years. Other common threads in this mix include loosely-coined bootlegs of classics by Nas and Tribe Called Quest, along with a liberal helping of vocals and piano from start to finish. 

Right from the metered, marching cadence of “Locust” by &ME the mix builds both consistently and immediately. Halfway through it’s temporarily brought down with a breather titled “Lion” by PANG!, an pace-switching vocal ballad, before building up again. Not just going for new tracks, General Motor also cherry-picks a number of forgotten gems from the past decade, including the fidgety “Mouth to Mouth” by Audion (from 2008) and the acid squelch “Forsberg Loves the Acid” (from 2004). It closes with one of my current favorites, “Piano Weapon” by Shadow Child and Doorly. This one’s gone off every time I’ve played it out so far, and a great way to end the session.

Check out General Motor’s Soundcloud for other mixes he’s done in past years, which span a variety of gamuts and genres!

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 088: General Motor (House) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud


&ME: Locust 
What Ever: Golden Rain
Robosonic: Life Is Like
Marlose: Avantgardistisch (Beatamines & David Jach Remix)
Northcutz: BNCE
DJ Sprinkles: Grand Central Pt. 1 (MCDE Bassline Dub)
David Hasert feat. Shiah: The Takeoff (Pitched Down Vocal Edit)
Ryan Mathiesen: Nothing New (Nicone Ratterloopbox Cut)
Parra for Cuva feat. Anna Naklab: True Thoughts
PANG!: Lion
Audion: Mouth To Mouth
Dahlback & Dahlback: Forsberg Loves The Acid
Justin Martin: Buggin
Smith N Hack: To Our Disco Friends
The XX: Fiction (Pearson Sound Remix)
Dubfire feat. Miss Kittin: Exit
Presk: Gomero
Elmar Strathe: Light
Jesse Rose: Alone (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
Shadow Child feat. Doorly: Piano Weapon (Instrumental)