BBD Podcast 093: Aleksey Zemmel (Future Bass)

While I slacked off on a lot of things on this blog last year, arguably the arena I fared the worst in was the podcast series. Basically it was business as usual til around April, and then I just decided to completely drop the ball and, like, stop posting them entirely. The saddest part being the fact people actually sent me mixes throughout the summer that I never even uploaded. Well I think that’s all about to change.

I mean, we’re really close to podcast #100 here. That’s a pretty big deal…at least as far as this place is concerned.

The last mix in the series was one I uploaded to Mixcloud last May, but never posted a proper write-up on here. So to Aleksey, please accept my apology! The mix he sent to me was fresh, and while the tracks in it aren’t quite the newest jams on the street 9 months after the fact, they’re still ill enough to lead a casual listener to believe otherwise.

While a quick mix, Aleksey manages to work his way through house, techno, acid, and various strains of future bass. Equally as much Detroit as it is London, this mix tip-toes the fine line between 4x4 and broken beats with dexterity. Offerings by the likes of Delroy Edwards, Will Saul and Clouds paint a dark soundscape that is ripe for home previewing; the fact very few of these cuts were played to death last summer ensures the expiration date isn’t happening any time soon. Whatever party you’re hitting up this weekend, make sure this is the soundtrack for your travels there. It’s quick enough to take in while sitting in Storrow Drive traffic, yet covers a wide distance rather quickly. UNLIKE Storrow most of the time.

I’ve got more podcasts sitting in my inbox I’m about to unleash so stay tuned. Oscar and Andrew, I’m looking at you both!

Beantown Boogiedown Podcast 093: Aleksey Zemmel (Future Bass) by Beantownboogiedown on Mixcloud

Bok Bok & Tom Trago: Pussy Trak
Deloy Edwards: Str8 Fuckd
Jack Dixon: New Curtains (Troy Gunner Remix)
Air Max 97: Sleeveless
Bass Clef: Free My Mind
Will Saul: Tic Toc
Clouds: Dread Networks
Christian S: Pitch Rider


Cool Free Stuff: Bamboora & Shwann: Supra (Big Room House)

Bamboora, a DJ staple in major clubs around Boston, recently finished off a collab with DJ Shwann, a rapidly-ascending namesake in the big room circuit. While big room can be hit or miss for me, “Supra” scores points in my book by not overdoing it with too many massive build-ups and drops (a huge cliche in that arena). The overall structure well suites the genre’s aesthetic and the bassline compliments a classic techno-inspired fury of TR909 drums. With Bamboora’s knack for knowing what works on the dancefloor with years of experience in the booth coupled with Shwann’s massive list of connections, this one’s a winner for sure. Free download.


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For January 2016

Upcoming Events 

Breeazy @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 1.8.16
Cycle (Quadrant & Iris) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.8.16
Soulelujah (Claude Money & The Brobots) @ ZuZu/Middle East :: Cambridge :: 1.9.16
MMMMAVEN Graduation Party @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.11.16
Eli & Fur @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 1.13.16 
Savoy & Kry Wolf @ The Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 1.14.16
Bamboora @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 1.15.16
Holy Ghost @ The Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 1.15.16
Acoustica Electronica (Danny Satori) @ Oberon :: Cambridge MA :: 1.15.16 
Soulelujah (E Dorsey & Ty Jesso) @ ZuZu/Middle East :: Cambridge :: 1.9.16
The Wave 2-Year Anniversary (Lakim, Cousin Stizz, Elhae, OK & Haasan & Big Bear) @ The Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 1.17.16
Who is Malaa? @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 1.20.16 
Mr. Carmack & Sam Gellaitry Teeko @ The Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 1.20.16
40 Ounce Bounce Party @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.21.16
Elements (Digital) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 1.21.16
Tiga @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 1.22.16 
Community Links (Mr. Roussos & Kashawar) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 1.23.16 
Soulelujah (Claude Money & The Brobots) @ ZuZu/Middle East :: Cambridge :: 1.23.16
Middle School Dance Reunion (Damien Paul, Mikey Lee & Death Star DJs) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.23.16
All Good (Eastman Garcia & Yvng Paul) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.28.16
Elements 17th Anniversary Party (Residents) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 1.28.16
Anjunabeats North American Tour (Seven Lions, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross) @ House of Blues :: Boston MA :: 1.28.16
Pete Tong @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 1.29.16 
Cedric Gervais @ Royale :: Boston MA :: 1.29.16
Social Studies (Tony Humphries) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.29.16
DISCOTECA II (Brian Halligan & Matt McNeill) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 1.29.16
Soulelujah (John Funke & E Dorsey) @ ZuZu/Middle East :: Cambridge :: 1.30.16
Fresh Produce (JeyOne, Bladerunners, DJ Knife & Frank White) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 1.30.16
GSPOT 1-Year Anniversary (Hot Pot, Jackie Treehorn & Jay-K) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 1.30.16  

Cool Free Stuff: Korg Volca Beats Sample Pack

Another free sample pack for you guys, this time courtesy of my Korg Volca Beats drum machine.

Similar to my Roland TR-808, 707 and 727 packs, I recorded each drum sound from the Volca Beats with multiple combinations of pitch and decay settings. While the audio I uploaded to Soundcloud has been limited and compressed a bit to make it easy to preview, the downloadable ZIP file below is unprocessed and includes plenty of headroom to work with.

There are over 200 individual samples here which include kicks, snares, open and closed hats, hi and low toms, claps, crashes, claves and agogos.

As long as you all keep digging these packs I’ll keep uploading samples from more drum machines I buy!

Download all the individual hits here.


Cool Free Stuff: Caerulean-Lizard Clap (Bass)

The capstone for the 2015 edition of Lifted Contingency’s Gold Mine series comes in the form of a moody, ticking bass time-bomb from Caerulean. While a Boston-based imprint, the Gold Mine series has been a major part of Lifted’s transformation from a regional curatorial force to an international one. Emphasized in “Lizard Clap” is its economy of deliberately and creatively working with nary a few simple samples to paint a moody and textural canvas. Check Caerulean out on Soundcloud, and keep tabs on Lifted in the new year as I’m sure they’ll have plenty of surprise projects in store for us.


Featured Mixes: Hometown II: A 2015 Boston Producer Showcase

As 2015 winds down, many in the blogosphere are posting their top ten favorites lists and reflecting back on the highs (or lows) of the past twelve months. Shying slightly away from this format, I also want to pay homage to some of the tracks I was really feeling this year, but in the form of a DJ mix. Readers may remember the Hometown mix I did last year; well it’s back for a second round!

Similar to the 2014 installment, Hometown II showcases more than 25 different local artists. They include everyone from people signed to my Zakim label, people I’ve never even met before, and even a couple of my own unheard tunes. The first half is heavily disco-influenced house, before speeding up a bit to cover a variety of trap, future bass and drum and bass originals.

Michael Marotta over at Vanyaland did a Q&A with me, which you can check here…and be sure you do because I also announce the next two releases Zakim. Mix embed and tracklist below.

Jay Prouty & David Paglia: Style (Cenote)
Nick Minieri: Far Cry (Unreleased)
John Barera & Baltimoroder: The Cycle of Life (Forthcoming Zakim)
Caserta: Dynamics (Razor-N-Tape)
BOSQ: Make it Work (Soul Clap Records)
Juice Belushi: Make it Work (Soul Clap Records)
Peter Corvaia: Directional Talk (Unreleased)
Beta Ghosts: Amana (Cenote)
Will Monotone & Anek: Origins (Get Physical)
GMGN: Never Stop (Remix) (Crew Love)
ø˚(alt-ok): Leave Me Alone (Forthcoming Zakim)
Camino: Eyebrows on Fleek (Self-release)
TWISM & B3RAO: Dancin’ With You (Soulful Legends)
Colin Domigan: Boston Fire (Dubco)
Nick Minieri: Hover (Unreleased)
Adam Noya: Veritas (Unreleased)
Odd Job & Bamboora: Nightwork (Brooklyn Fire)
Dumka: New Joy (Lifted Goldmine Series)
Omdose: Nadati (Self-release)
Durkin: My Party (Not My House) (Slow Roast)
BRRIO x Robokid: 4K (Lifted Goldmine Series)
ABSRDST: Love in the Making (OWSLA)
Micetro x Casual Magic: Love in Color (Self-release)
SCRVP x Apato: Cadenza (Self-release)
Cirrus: I Dunno (Zakim)
Graphs: About U (Forthcoming Diffrent)
Saltus: Eclipse (Self-release)


Cool Free Stuff: Cirrus-I Dunno (Drum & Bass)

During my blogging hiatus last month I released a jungle freebie on my Zakim label from the one like Cirrus. Now residing in D.C., the man has been plowing through tunes since his move and is surely amassing a nice VIP folder to shop around to labels next year. 

When Cirrus first sent me “I Dunno” I immediately knew (despite the quirky title) this one’s a straight party track. Taking a break from his signature half-tempo style for a minute, Cirrus busts out a folder full of furiously-sliced breakbeats here. Coupled with squealing G-funk west coast synths, “I Dunno” is so much fun it makes me wish he wrote it last year so I could’ve pressed it onto the vinyl release it’s accompanying! (Which is still available to grab from our bandcamp page if you slept on it.) Ah well, it’s still been properly mastered, and it’s free, so have at it.

I’m putting the finishing touches on ZAK-007 as we speak. More details soon. In the meantime, you can follow Cirrus and Zakim on Soundcloud.


Cool Free Stuff: Dr. Shemp-Old Skool Vibe (Garage House)

If the throwback sounds of 90s garage house is your bag and you don’t want to fuss with paying top dollar for the classics from that era on vinyl, you’re in luck. The internet lays beholden to a select handful of producers who remain faithful to these vibes; some barely born when this style first came about! A good example here is a track titled “Old Skool Vibe” by British up-and-comer Dr. Shemp. A heavily-swung moody fixture that resembles Disclosure’s early track “Boiling” albeit in a much rawer state, “Old Skool Vibe” bares strength in its simplicity and reinforced by timeless TR909 drums and Korg M1 pianos. Definitely one for the dancefloor, you can check this and others on Spira Music’s label on Soundcloud.


Let's Boogie! Upcoming Boston Events For December 2015

Upcoming Events 

Elements (Fig) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 12.3.15
Mark Instinct & Twofold @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 12.3.15
Sound Desigh With Z3ta+2 Master Class @ MMMMAVEN HQ :: Cambridge MA :: 12.3.15
Make it New (Sepalcure & Avalon Emerson) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 12.3.15
Wuki @ Acend Nightclub :: Boston MA :: 12.4.15
Transcend (Boom Jinx) @ Icon :: Boston MA :: 12.4.15
Shake! (Todd Terry) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 12.4.15
CSC Presents Norm Talley & Chris Habibian @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 12.4.15
Teki Latex @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 12.5.15
Justin Jay @ Ascend Nightclub :: Boston MA :: 12.5.15
Deep Format (Evan Berube, Sky Candy & Cakewalk) @ Candibar :: Boston MA :: 12.5.15
$$$ LAST Triple Platinum $$$ (Frank White, Durkin & Evaredy) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 12.5.15
Velvet Live (Rob Ticho, Andrea Marks, Single White Female & more) @ Artists Asylum :: Somerville MA :: 12.5.15
Dan Deacon @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 12.6.15
Vault (Deviere) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 12.8.15
Techno Taco Tuesday @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 12.8.15
Re:Set (Danny Howells) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 12.9.15
Abstract Future (Mad Zach, Brightside, Tsimba & Uncle Bob) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 12.9.15
Diehard on Decks (Kae Sharp, Glowhaku, Sisselpud & Velvet Vulture) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 12.9.15
Detention Thursdays (DAVVID) @ Venu :: Boston MA :: 12.10.15
Mayhem x Antiserum @ Middle East :: Cambridge MA :: 12.10.15
Elements (Dieselboy) @ Phoenix Landing :: Cambridge MA :: 12.10.15
Make it New (Honey Soundsystem) @ Middlesex :: Cambridge MA :: 12.10.15
Community Links (SEPP) @ TBD :: Boston MA :: 12.11.15
PVRPLE (Dirty South Joe) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 12.11.15
Binary (Kartell & Pat Lok) @ Wonderbar :: Allston MA :: 12.11.15
Drown (Leon Switch & eelko) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 12.11.15
Stranger (AlexXxan, Byoosik & Howie D Rivet) @ Knowtruth :: Boston MA :: 12.11.15
Glowkids @ Candibar :: Boston MA :: 12.12.15
#MOOD/Missy Night (Leah V & Joamil) @ The Sinclair :: Cambridge MA :: 12.12.15
Plastic Dreams (Asho & Nico, George Vala & Audioprophecy) @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 12.12.15
Some Like it Hott (Ned Morley, Napolean Kofi, Andrew Gallagher & Oscar Huang) @ Lilypad :: 12.12.15
Basement Movement 3-Year (Waldo, Dusty Digital, Micetro, Dark City Agent & more) @ Goodlife :: 12.12.15
Uhuru Afrika 7-Year Anniversary (Adam Gibbons, Sidy Maiga & more) @ Milky Way :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 12.12.15
Black Market (Art & Record Fair) @ Cambridge Elks :: Cambridge MA :: 12.13.15
KNTRL (AlexXxan) @ Zuzu :: Cambridge MA :: 12.16.15
Diehard on Decks (Steppo, Maerciless Killers & DJ Mulligan) @ Half Door :: Quincy MA :: 12.16.15
Matt Tolfrey @ Bijou :: Boston MA :: 12.18.15
Dreamcatcher @ 49 Social :: Boston MA :: 12.18.15
SCANNERS (Ceremonial Abyss, pink0, Acid G & DJ Won’t) @ Deep Thoughts :: Jamaica Plain MA :: 12.18.15
NYE (Cost Carma, MDALY & Shaker) @ MAST :: Boston MA :: 12.31.15
Star Wars: The Rave Awakens (TBD) @ Goodlife :: Boston MA :: 12.31.15
Binary NYE Bang (B3RAO, House Cat & Kyle Pike) @ Osaka Japanese Sushi :: Brookline MA :: 12.31.15
Some Like it Hott (Sunshine City, Matt McNeill, Randy Deshaies & more) @ Lilypad :: Somerville MA :: 12.31.15


Cool Free Stuff: Torin Dundas-If U Love It (UK Garage)

I’m back. Heh. Let’s not waste any time and start digging into all the fire permeating soundcloud right now. 3000 Bass has become one of the biggest promo channels dealing exclusively with proper UK garage in the last year or two. Pushing out free releases on the regular, “If U Love It” by Torin Dundas is one of numerous bassline-driven floor fillers coming from this camp. Looking back to classic turn-of-the-century sounds to draw influence, Dundas keeps things moving here with full-on call and response verses from guest MC’s. He hails from Surrey; follow him on Soundcloud here